Face Peel Update: The Revengening

As part of our continuing mission to bring you the best in healed and healing scarification pieces, here’s a fancy update to this facial flesh-removal on Reece by Iestyn a little while back. It’s no big surprise coming from Iestyn, but the healing seems to be coming along quite nicely. We’re not sure what else Reece has planned (tattooing over the scars a la Lucky Diamond Rich, for example), but we’re definitely curious to see how his appearance progresses from here on out.

And, of course, after the jump…lion-face.

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32 thoughts on “Face Peel Update: The Revengening

  1. oh and i am pretty sure it wasnt intentional, but inthe first pic his stretched lobe makes a heart, thought that was funny. :)

  2. he’s a reverse michael jackson! i wanted to do that. anyways, the scars look neat. yet another post making me think about getting my skin chopped up.

  3. O My God, why the fuck doesn’t he get he own idea’s??? He is a direct rip of of Lucky….
    Why didn’t you tattoo yourself blue and look like a smurf? The cuttings, the white tattoo over black?? Sad sad.

  4. I left my laptop open and my mom was looking through modblog. The look on her face. Aww mom. chill out Jennie! Nothing is ever original.

  5. Ha, first thing I thought when I saw this was how I’d love to take him home to my folks and introduce him as my fiance… the look on their face would be well worth any hassles, hahaha. Pretty wild look, but I like it.

  6. im pretty sure the idea was around before lucky came along. probably had been done to some extent. just not as much.

    love him. :P

  7. Jeez! I didn’t realise Lucky owned that idea! I think it is remarkable to venture down that road and pursue that look, so the more that do it, the better in my opinion. I guess if lucky owns black covering and white/scars over then there’s some super angry guy with a koi fish that’s looking at filing 1,000,000 lawsuits now!

  8. Although im not the biggest fan of the look I admire the dedication!!

    Also thank you jordan for doing your best to post more healed scar work. I know it makes me happy to see it.

  9. We post what we get. If we don’t get good quality healed photos in a timely manner we cant post updates on the scars.

    I really do wish more people would make a trip post scar appointments to visit their artist and get a good photo taken for the artist’s portfolio. this would make people who know little about scars and are considering them know a lot more about what they will need to expect.

  10. you’ve got to be kidding me.
    do you modblog participaters really think that this man should be doing this?
    i mean “imitation is the highest form of flattery” but seriously?
    the teeth too. holy fucking shit
    this is unreal.
    where the fuck has originality gone to?
    all blame should go to the internet.
    now everyone can see what others are doing and copy off each other to gain the most comments, most recognition.
    “hey! i saw you on the internet!”
    that just sounds really lame

    please, go drop acid and write some poetry
    or go kill yourself, starting over probably isn’t such a bad idea if that is what runs part of your life

  11. extreme is here

    and when you go beyound extrme you get retarded

    above results

  12. need to get those ears done and then he’ll look monstrous!

    monstrous in a good way.

    i’m jealous of his ability to scar little children for life

  13. I want my face tattooed and silver teeth this does not mean im copying lucky diamond or reece.
    I also want the tops of my ears cut off, also doesnt mean im copying someone. Seen a photo of this guy a few years ago in a tattoo magazine, wish he would get his ears coloured.

  14. I heard he’s learning to juggle and unicycle too.

    I think Lucky has a solid identity theft case here.

  15. original is always possible,
    but a copy is lazy,
    variation on a theme at least,
    you gotta at least try,
    before taking the lazy approach,

  16. Everyone needs to pull the stick out of their asses.

    Deans comments always get on my nerves.

    I think its cool. People need to get over it.

  17. “where the fuck has originality gone to?”

    Believe it died when Caveman M saw Caveman A’s sweet cougar pelt and thought it was pimping so he got himself one…or something.

    Will be fun to see how far this thread explodes.

    As far as the scars are concerned, very much appreciate the healed shots. It seems they have some more healing to go, so it’ll be interesting to see how they progress.

  18. He doesnt look anything like lucky except he tattooed his face black,
    lucky wouldnt care anyways im sure he does his own thing, maybe he was inspired so what, lots of people have inspired one another
    im not one to judge …. whatever makes you happy

    first time commenter take your own advice & kill yourself

  19. wow, the guy went throught a massive mod and all of you bitching about “ah, he’s a LD copycat”.

  20. At least no one could get away with stealing his passport. (y)
    I love the look :].

  21. [email protected]
    and the dedication is nice
    the mods are nice
    but the non originality could get some people upset
    LDR did have it first but look at everyone with lip rings now adays
    most kids do it to copy their friends, ive even had people say they have gotten their lip done to look like me
    i really dont care its flatering tbh

  22. Well I think Reece has copied the original Lucky Diamond to a point.But Lucky can Juggle and entertain for a living and does get invited all around the world as a showman.Reece however looks like a wannabe.I am sure his employment prospects are limited to very few jobs too..

  23. I had the pleasure of meeting Reece early 90s in Aberdeen when his face and head were fully tattooed with a very nice pastiche of flowers. Quite a dramatic change!

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