Guess What? “No Surprises” Edition

The ModBlog rule, from time immemorial, has been if you can’t tell what something is…it’s probably a penis. It’s a versatile appendage, after all. It can be sliced, flayed, twisted and contorted in a multitude of ways—almost all of which have been featured here at some point. With that in mind, we present this week’s installment of America’s fastest-growing vegetarian cuisine program, “Guess What?” Is it a penis? Probably. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to guess how it’s been manipulated! Especially since the first person to guess correctly will win a brand new car!*

*Offer not valid on earth or any of its colonies.

21 thoughts on “Guess What? “No Surprises” Edition

  1. It’s a penis! And it’s pushed through a trans-scrotal piercing! And I try not to spend too much time on planet earth so maybe I’ve won the brand new car! And is it a cute little toy car! Hurrah!!!

  2. Damn. I’m in England and you guys in the US drive on the wrong side of the road. That car is not going to be of any use to me. BooHoo.

  3. ON planet Earth? Or IN planet Earth? On earth, meaning on a pile of dirt? Loophole?

    I’ll take a 79 Trans Am with T Tops.

  4. Zzzzzzzzzzz…….

    Sorry, being up front about the fact that it’s almost invariably a penis doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a penis. Again. Out of all the various bits and parts, from head to toe (tongues, rectums, ears, breasts, vaginas, noses, nipples, you name it…) that can be uniquely and heavily modified, on both male and female anatomy, or even transgender, and all the creativity that’s been put into the modification community over the past umpteen ages, are we really only able to make “Guess What” games out of this one single bit?

    To me it’s just the lack of variety that saps these of their charm. Now I’ll admit this particular one, through a massive trans-scrotal is impressive, but it would have had more impact and surprise had not the previous ones almost alway been a penis, often just crammed into the shot somehow, such as through a stretched ear, plastered against another mod, or otherwise used in a way bearing little contextual relation to the primary modification.

    Not unappreciative, merely dissapointed in failure to reach creative potential….

  5. ThatOtherDaniel: the Modblog staff can only put up images they receive. Chances are they put up so many peni in the guess what game because those are the most interesting pictures they receive. If you want to see a picture of some creative use of some other part of the body used in the guess what game, then send one in or encourage your friends to.

  6. Sam: I hear what you’re saying and yes, I know that they receive a much larger percentage of penis related “amusing” pictures than any other type. I’m not suggesting they try to skew things and intentionally not display something amusing because it contains a penis. I just have to imagine that in the vast archives there must be alternatives and there must be amusing pictures that are something else.

    I just used to enjoy the click through game when it really was something you had trouble guessing. I’d love to see that applied to the other types of modifications and body parts out there. I wish I had other cool pictures to send in but, alas, all I have is… guess what… a heavily modified penis and little else of note. I do have friends and I will ask them to pony up, so to speak. I just can’t believe, though, that the click through omnipenis images are all that BME is sitting on. Dig deep, if need be, and I guarantee there are other things in there that would throw people for a loop and be a much needed break from the presposterously profound penis proloferation presently perceived.

    And if you are out there (Guys, Gals or anyone in between) with something really wild, please send it in and help turn the tide. There are always other color crayons in the box….

  7. ThatOtherDaniel …please go away. No one cares that you’re not impressed. BTW…why don’t you submit your own AMAZING pics instead of complaining about others?

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