I really like this approach to your everyday pirate ship by Shawn Carrier at The Ink Spot in Ottawa, Ontario. Wait, now that America (and by extension, the world) is under attack by actual pirates, all the time, is being a fan of the old school “Argh, matey!” pirates somehow uncouth? Should it be? This is a debate that needs to happen. What say you, ModBloggers?

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35 thoughts on “Marooned

  1. There appears to be a frowny face in the top mast, right below the pirate flag. Beautiful piece.

  2. @ #5: “modern day” pirates use small zodiac-type boats with large outboard motors. Pirate flags and eye patches? A thing of the glorified past. Nothing glamorous there at all any more!

  3. yeah i definitely see The Black Pearl

    this is great. i love the “shadowy” approach as apposed to uber-detailed

  4. It made me smile a little, even though real pirates would never sail with such horrid sails.

  5. kinda funny, I just bought my first house, and it has a flagpole, with a beautiful american flag up top…….i proposed, jokingly that we add a jolly roger underneath it…… to my suprise my wife was actually into it…… so old scully has been put on order…….. and will go up as soon as we close.

    but now that i think of it our new neighbor across the street is from east africa ( i dont know the country of origin ) i wonder how he will take it ? i guess we shall see…..

  6. Magnificent! It reminds me of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner which I totally love.

  7. finally something on modblog thats well thought out and applied magnificently, i like it alot……

  8. My jaw literally dropped for a few seconds when I saw this. Such an amazing and refreshing new approach on an classic subject. I like.

  9. wooww this is amazing, it almost looks like they were born with it…like a birth mark

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