The Icon of Sin

Boy oh boy, would you believe my luck? Baphomet shows up on a sunny Friday afternoon, and me without my BFG 9000. Of all the days to forget it at home…

(“Mutant goat” tattoo on Adam Burdine by Zack Ross at No Surrender Studios in San Marcos, Texas.)

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23 thoughts on “The Icon of Sin

  1. adam has been featured like 3 times in the past week! I love it :)

    anyways, I love this on him, fucking beautiful. and I especially love how high the horns (horns? antlers?) extend!

  2. wow I love it! esp the horns going up the sides of his face, you can’t see them in the first pic when he’s looking straight at you, vey kewl!

  3. Wow, dude, bro.
    You’re gonna be one wayyyy Bad Dad!
    Great bad decision, by the way.
    Who can think of a better way to alter one’s life?
    I wonder if he’ll join the 27 Club.

  4. I’ve wanted to get a throat tattoo for some time myself, I’m just concerned with the pain. Is it massive?

  5. lol it’s ink on my ears, duh. you think they’d come thru unscathed after a five hour tattoo? yes it, fucking hurt. no one tells me when i get modblogged! lol Hail Satan!

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