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If you listened to my last podcast with Brian (Perk900), you heard the story behind this picture. But if not! Well, Sarvas was minding his own business at last week’s APP convention in sunny Las Vegas, just walking around, but oh, the trail was blocked, by Buck Angel. A photo was requested, and each man insisted upon removing his shirt before any evidence of their meeting was recorded, and then Sarvas just started throwing Buck around like a damn rag doll. For more fun Vegas anecdotes, listen to my subsequent podcast with Brian, coming soon!

And that’ll be it for our week, folks. What went down this time around?

- We died of dysentery.

- Our scars healed beautifully.

- We got tattooed with a cat, just for kicks.

- We showed you our whole mouth, and you liked it.

- We were pirates.

- We went a-tightrope walkin’.

- We just straight up went crazy.

As per usual, we’ll be here a bit over the weekend, and then Monday morning we hit the ramp and fly back into orbit, clutching the little alien that’s grown so dear to us. Or something. Until then, stay safe, ModBloggers, have a good one, and, as always, thank you for your continued support of BME.

16 thoughts on “This Week in BME

  1. Buck and Elayne are in the shop right now! Elayne is doing her guest spot :)
    (outer limits in long beach)

  2. This picture is either very masculine or just very very gay.. I think both!

  3. isnt the bloke being picked up actually a women…? or am i confused with someone else on tv

  4. I don’t think I will ever stop being completely in awe that Buck Angel was once a female. Seriously, it’s like the most amazing transformation ever.

    But yeah this picture is awesome haha

  5. We’re both attention whores, let’s exploit eachother and pose in front of this hospital.
    It’ll be awesome. All my friends have heard of you and they would totally get a kick out of it.
    For real. This is going to be great.
    Buck Angel! Life is such a trip, I tell ya.
    Maybe next I’ll make a midget with a skull tattoo pose next to me with my skull tattoo and we’ll both flash devil horns.

  6. I’m Buck’s wife, and I think this photo is HOT!! They should totally do a movie together! Having been a witness when the photo was taken, well–the story provided is surely more dramatic, but the truth is that Sarvas asked very politely if he could take a photo with Buck on his shoulder, and Buck politely agreed. : )

    Oh, and yes, I did write The Piercing Bible, and Jordan reviewed it and did a podcast with me. You can find it here if you’re interested:

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