Piercing a Urethral Reroute

One of the most commonly asked questions when we post pictures of procedures in which nullification (or a slightly less dramatic modification) is involved is, “Well, how does he pee now?” The answer, as many of you probably know, is that a urethral reroute is performed, which, as our handy wiki explains:

Many, including those who are DIY types, pierce through the urethra, creating a small hole to pee through. Others of us who have avoided the DIY mode, preferring instead to have someone who knows their anatomy and what they are doing, cut and stitch. Even though it is a relatively simple procedure, the success level for those who have tried DIY—piercing a hole through and hoping it would work—is poor…but those of us who have gone through the surgical procedure, which can be done as an out-patient in about an hour, [have been very successful].


[This is done by] tenting out the skin behind the scrotum, where a new urethral opening is created.

This sort of procedure, of course, isn’t only performed to augment genital modifications; it also essentially transforms the penis into a strictly sexual tool. Pictured above is Albert‘s recent reroute, which, as you can see, he’s had pierced with some simple CBRs. (Albert hasn’t undergone any sort of nullification, and the reroute is placed between his scrotum and anus.) The reroute itself was done professionally, though he wasn’t happy with the size of the hole and stretched it himself, which is likely why the ring of scar tissue looks a bit gnarly and blown-out here. Albert, however, says he’s finally happy with the results, and, hey, for something this intensely personal, that’s the important thing here. Another close-up, after the jump.

77 thoughts on “Piercing a Urethral Reroute

  1. when he makes a “mangina” out of it,then we can suitably impressed..other then that looks like a ready UTI,and it’s SO much closer to the medium at hand to supply it.
    women have been battling the UTI for years…this guy just made himself just female enough to share that unfortunate occurance.

  2. yeah that looks pretty blown out, but if hes happy, then whatever. yeah have fun with the UTI’s. lol.

  3. I think it’s reasonably safe to assume that he knew full well the potential risks involved before going through with this.. obviously this is a procedure that takes a lot of thought and planning. And hey, if you don’t like it don’t get it, and why rain on someone’s parade if they are happy?

  4. this is cool.. but as a man.. i don’t know if i could give up my pissing prowess

  5. so im fairly confused, is this a nullification or…..

    cause it looks like he is covering his penis in the top pick.

    could someone explain the anatomy of this? i need a diagram……

  6. This is located between his scrotum and anus; there hasn’t been any nullification. Sorry, I should have explained that a bit more clearly.

  7. yea he still has dick n balls … what does the wiki mean by “[This is done by] tenting out the skin behind the scrotum” half of me knows i’m going to regret asking

  8. This is very interesting in a erotic sort of way.

    So that means when he ejaculates, it shoots out of that hole?

  9. Hahah I’m a little amused that it was blurred out, I like to imagine decency laws have “NO VIEWING OF URETHRA REROUTING UNTIL 18″ written into them.

    I want to stick my finger in it.

  10. okay, what?
    everything up there made no sense to me haha. what exactly is going on? he cut his peepee off, needed a peeing hole, so he…rerouted his urethra to an opening that was cut on his gooch?
    or…did he want a ”strictly sex tool” penis and decided that he was better off putting one leg up on the urinal to pee. hahah

    i’m confused :( this story needs more to it! and before photo’s of this ”nullification”

  11. okay, what?
    everything up there made no sense to me haha. what exactly is going on? he cut his peepee off, needed a peeing hole, so he…rerouted his urethra to an opening that was cut on his gooch?
    or…did he want a ”strictly sex tool” penis and decided that he was better off putting one leg up on the urinal to pee. hahah

    i’m confused :( this story needs more to it! and before photo’s of this ”nullification”

  12. I initially clicked that and thought, “That is one tiny pussy”… then I read it.


  13. He didn’t “nullify” anything…I’d suggest you curious folks head over to BMEHard or the encyclopedia to clear things up for ya ;)

  14. I would assume that natrual lubrication, the seed of life and urine, to come out of that hole instead of the penis. so… when the penis becomes strictly for sex only, would mountains of lube be needed during sex to make up for loss of body fluids?

  15. he still has a penis. he just doesn’t use it to release any bodily fluids anymore because they come out the new hole that he made.

  16. lovedarling.. men don’t release sex juices for lube. thats the womens job.

    i wonder if he cums on his own balls when he climaxes though.. seems like it would cumbersome to cum out of something you can’t squeeze like a tube of toothpaste to get every last drop out

  17. wow…after all these years…..modblog still amazes me :) sweet. (I’m confused though) Does the penis still work? Will it be removed? What about the ballz? Can’t “stuff” come out of the new hole without him noticing? My head hurts.

  18. Is it just urine that comes out or does he also ejactulate through it too? I think it would be great if you still ejaculate through penis but wee through that hole

  19. Not sure why people are so shocked. As Jordan mentioned it’s a pretty straight forward deal and has been documented really well so many times before.(I am right aren’t I, someone back me up!)
    Just stick something down your peehole until you can feel it poking under your balls, then snip! Not that I’ve done it mind you!

  20. Of course….after he moved his pee hole, he had the fuck himself in it….what the fuck….what ever happened to just sticking your finger in your butt…..

  21. steven kelly, are you saying that your cock oozes out sex slime like a vagina?

  22. This is by far the most amusing commentary I’ve ever read on modblog.

  23. lol definitely the best comments to read.

    And it looks like an adorable pussy and what would be the ‘labia’ piercings only add to it. I guess sticking your finger in it would be dissuaded?

    Hmm nonetheless it’s a very nice little set up he’s got going on there. I’d love to read an experience on the urethral reroute.

  24. #14 – I think ejaculating would come out of both – come out of his penis (or what’s left of it), and dribbles out of his taint. I’m thinking of a money shot right now and what he’d have to go through to put a load on a chicks face.


  25. I have a urethral reroute. Not below the scrotum, but above, however the function is the same. So let me try to answer some questions.

    Yes, I have to pee like a female now and have been doing so for over 2 years. I can actually say that after standing for so many years I surprisingly prefer sitting. I can empty my bladder better because the path is shorter and it now drains downward instead of sideways. Besides it lets me experience my feminine tendencies.

    Yes, pre-cum and semen exit solely out of the reroute hole now. The advantages are that I no longer worry about a wet spot in front of my pants when I am turned on and I can now climax during oral sex without the girl getting semen in her mouth. It makes a great contraceptive also. I also like reaching orgasm and not seeing anything exit the tip of my penis. And yes, everything drains out afterward just the same because the urethra contracts when not in use.

    No, you don’t have to give up your penis and balls to enjoy a urethral reroute. (of course you can if you want to).

    I am really surprised by the responses by some folks being that this is a body modification site however.

    The thing that is most significant to me about a urethral reroute is that it is so much more than just an aesthetic change. It has allowed me to change the function of an important part of my body. My penis is now solely an object for sexual pleasure without the mess.

    You can visit my IAM page to find out more about me and my mods.

  26. When I read some of these comment I get the feeling most people havent actually read the infomation provided. I have never seen or heard of this before, but have seen enough within the body mod community that it dosent shock or suprise me and although I personally wouldnt do this, can see, maybe someone else would.

    Again, I am no expert having not heard of this before, but judging on the position of the balls to the new hole, above, wouldnt he mostly cum like normal and maybe a little come out of the new hole.

    And also, for the people who think he has had a nulification, if you read the info you would know this isnt the case. But in the past on here there has been images of male nulification, and people have wondered how people would then pee after this, and here is the answer.

  27. NIC,

    Semen and urine take the path of least resistance. The urethra is normally contacted so things don’t get in like water when swimming. Consequently there is some back pressure generated to expand the urethra and to push urine and semen out. This is why one can’t just simply put a finger over the reroute hole to pee normally. The pressure build up makes it spray out past your finger. The harder you press the more you squeeze the urethra closed and more just comes out the reroute hole.

    For me that is perfect because I never want any fluids coming from my penis again (and eliminates the possibility of my trying to cheat)

  28. no, rachel. precum is for makin babies.
    vags make lube.
    mouths make lube.
    penises do not make lube.
    this explains why you use ky for anal or spit in your hand.
    even if you were trying to be all resourceful and make good use of this precum, it’s a miniscule amount. and you would fail. you might as well use a tear.

  29. Precum is for when you lick all the sticky stuff off the envelopes
    or also to hang cool Wrestlemania posters on your bedroom walls.

  30. Nuderthannude- quick question, do u have to clean inside the urethra in the penis part?

  31. To bigferret comment Nr 46!

    Hahahahahahahahahaha LOL big time:)
    Hanging wrestling posters, you made my day!

  32. lovedarling,

    I do not clean the urethra between the reroute hole and tip of the penis. No fluids enter it so it stays pretty dry. I have done some sounding through it and hadn’t noticed any unusual smells, etc. I suspect that when I shower maybe some soap and water might get in.

  33. NuderThanNude,

    With your reroute opening above the scrotum, does your scrotum get wet when you pee sitting down?

  34. JKo

    Yes it does! And it really feels great. It’s like a tickling feeling and the warm urine feels great when it is cold. Of course I have to wipe afterward like a female. I view it like a female peeing through her inner labia.

  35. Thanks NuderThanNude,

    I think inner labia is “designed” to handle urine. The inside of it a mucus membraine.

    Do you get any skin irritation from urine contact?

    Also, why did you choose to have your reroute above the scrotum and not in the perineal area?

  36. Actually, the inner labia is the same tissue that would have been the scrotum had the development progressed as a male rather than female. When looking at a female vagina with a large clit the appearance is of a penis and scrotum that had not joined down the middle. I don’t remember the link but there is information on the web that describes the developmental process of male and female sex organs and how they are exactly the same initially.

    I have not had any issues with irritation of the scrotum or penis however, I always wipe thoroughly.

    My original intent was to have a perineal urethral reroute however I wasn’t sure of the method that would work best and since that is a difficult position to work on by ones self I chose to do my experimentation with the ‘above the scrotum’ version.

    My initial attempt began with a piercing which was the easiest method. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted a urethral reroute (or could live with the lifestyle changes) or if it was just a fantasy so I felt that for up to 6 months I could try it out and if I didn’t like it just let the hole close up.

    It turned out that I really loved the reroute however even though I had stretched the pierced hole to nearly 1/2 inch, when I removed the jewelery the hole shrunk down so small that it blocked the exit of fluids. My next attempt to keep it open was to cut a slit through the existing hole lengthwise with the urethra. The sides of the slits tended to draw together (when healed) so it didn’t work much better. From there all additional cutting was done with a dermal punch which makes a round hole and actually removes chunks of flesh. That approach worked much better but required 4 cuts to achieve the desired hole size when completely healed. (the fully healed size is roughly 1/3 the cut size) My current hole has an oblong shape and is open all the time. I can actually look in and see my interior urethral wall.

    Throughout all of this I have come to really like the ‘above the scrotum’ position as it has a lot of advantages over the ‘below the scrotum’ version so I am less interested in following through on my initial plan. I have also realized how difficult it is to achieve a functional reroute and am now more convinced that a below the scrotum reroute (because of the additional thickness of flesh down there) would require cutting and stitching to be successful. Not conducive to a DIY procedure.

    Sorry for the long response!

  37. Thanks for detailed response, NuderThanNude.

    If you think we are getting off topic here, you can reply directly to my email (no spaces)

    Yes, I know that inner labia and scrotum develop from the same “original” tissue, but I still think that the covering inside the inner labia is more mucus membrane than skin. Probably because that part of the covering is always inside, unlike the scrotum.

    What are the advantages (for you) of “above the scrotum” reroute?

  38. JKo,
    This post has moved far enough down the list where I don’t think anyone would care if it gets off topic a little.

    You are probably correct about the inner labia being mucous membrane as it does reside in a very moist area. I suppose its also possible for the opposite to happen as in what happens with the urethra in a meatatomy or subincission. After being exposed to dry conditions for an extended time I think it toughens up to become more like normal flesh.

    The things I prefer about the ‘above the scrotum’ reroute are that I can easily turn over my penis and look at it as well as to look inside my urethra.This makes me more conscious of the modification and turns me on every time I go to the bathroom. In addition, I really do like being able to see fluids exit from it and enjoy the feel of warm urine and semen running down my scrotum. It is a lot easier to work on also. Not to mention that there is more length of urethra available between it and the prostrate for sounding.

  39. Thanks, NuderThanNude.

    So there is not much difference in my mind between “above the scrotum” reroute and a full subincision (as far as peeing and ejaculation goes), is there?

    How do you handle peeing in the woods, when there is no paper available to wipe the scrotum?

    Also, it seems to me your semen will be too close to the vaginal opening to be a reliable method of contraception.

  40. JKo,

    I don’t know anyone personally with a subincission so I couldn’t say for sure but I would think that with a subincission the urine would want to spray forward as it would from a meatomy (at least it did with mine). With having the hole in the urethra it has more of a tendency to spray downward. The urethra in front the reroute hole is contracted and with the hole being large enough all fluids take the path of least resistance (downward). That is exactly the reason that I do not want to go too large with my reroute hole. I do not want it to duplicate a subincission and to have the urine to spray forward.

    Having a portion of the urethra in front of the reroute that is not functional (except for sounding) is very appealing to me and another reason I wouldn’t want a subincission.

    As far as peeing in the woods… I now know why every female I ever went hiking with always made it a point to carry tissues with them.

    Your correct about it not being a reliable means of contraception and the only reliable one (aside from a vasectomy) would be to have the old urethra blocked (even with the below the scrotum version). If the moment is right though it may be better than withdrawing all the way.

    It does work extremely well with oral sex however (have experience here), where the woman doesn’t want warm semen squirting in her mouth.

    To me the lifestyle change of having to sit (or squat) to pee is the biggest turn on. That works the same with either reroute location.

    I really enjoy chatting about this with someone who is genuinely interested! Do you have any genital mods, and if so, what kind?

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  42. Hi,

    Thanks for the comments NuderThanNude and JKo, I’d not heard anything about this procedure before and have read all the comments posted here with great interest. It’s always good to expand ones knowledge of body modification with new ideas.

  43. at first i really didnt think much of this post but after i read asreals response u have to keep coming back to this post and reading what people say and researching what this is all about and the comedy that coems behind it as well.
    mic i hipe your happy u just made teh world a better place wiht you uti lol enjoy spraying piss and cheating on women and and trying to take the path of least risistance buddy

  44. Huh, pretty interesting. As someone who reads the blog only occasionally for the tattoo pics, I was drawn to this post after adding modblog to my feed reader. Have learnt a lot and from the point of view of a woman who has sex with men, I think this is rather practical. Above all I admire your taking full ownership of your body – it is yours, after all!

  45. Hello NuderThanNude I wonder if you can give me some information on
    artificial hypospadia. Basically I want to have an opening under my penis or right above the scrotun so I
    could have sexual intercourse. I have seen some picture of people that have done this but I would like to have more technical information about the risk and limit of it.
    Thanks so much!

  46. Thanks Clipi for pointing out the medical term for this type of modification. I wasn’t aware of it previously.

    I would be happy to provide any experience or knowledge I have on the subject however there is a lot of information that I could present. It might help if you would start by asking some specific questions.

    Also, it might be easier to communicate through some sort of messaging system. You can contact me at (http://iam.bmezine.com/?NuderThanNude) through my urethral reroute forum or by instant message. If not I’d still be happy to answer them here.

  47. Thanks so much Nuder for your reply. Perhaps.
    What I would like to know is
    1:- how safe in terms of infections would it be to have this artificial opening.
    2.- Provided the opening is big enough for sexual intercourse how deep penetration can go.
    3.- Are there any doctor or clinic that can help with this surgerY?

    I am only interested in having this opening for sex and not the actualy urethral rerouting so perhaps
    it will be easier to make.
    Here are some pictures of people that did it.

    thanks so much!

  48. I really don’t think it would be possible to use this type of modification for penetration as in sex. I’m assuming that you would want to have a penis inserted into the opening??? If I’m misunderstanding you please let me know.

    The problem is that I don’t believe it would be possible to stretch the urethra to that point. Even if the hole were that large it would only be 1/4 inch deep until you hit the interior wall of the urethra.

    As far as infections… I don’t believe there would be any greater risk since the scrotum still is between the opening and the anus and there is still a lot of constricted urethra to the bladder.

    As far as getting it done… unless you really get fortunate you are pretty much on your own. Hence my problem for a ‘below the scrotum’ version

  49. Well actually Jhon Money state in his book that people do perform this type of artificial hypospadia for sex
    as stated in John Money, “Gay, Straight, and In-Between: The Sexology of Erotic Orientation,” Oxford University Press US, 1990, p. 29, 44, 161-162, 206
    You probably right about the short depth of the cavity but I still interested in learning more about this.


  50. Yes, I’d be interested in learning more myself. The most I have ever been able to stretch my urethra was to the point of getting my pinky finger in to the 2nd knuckle.

    When I sound now through my reroute I can get a .475″ diameter pen inserted. The reroute opening is larger but that is all I can fit into the urethra

  51. Nuder,
    I’ve read your comments with interest. I’ve tried several search on the subjects of both glansectomy and urethral rerouting and have not found any thing of real interest except for your publications.
    I’ve had a few mods and I’m still looking on some additional ones such as flat cock head and reroute.
    I’m also into urethral dilatation and I can get a .600″ diameter sound inserted..
    I agree with you that I don’t believe possible to have a penis inserted. I’ve heard of sound insertion of .750″ !! but this is stil far from and erected penis.

  52. Pete,

    I’m surprised you can’t find much on glansectomy there are quite a few out there who have done it. Try looking on “tribe”

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