Brand New Bag


Hey, we’ve featured his work once or twice before, and, if I’m not mistaken, he’s really filled out his facial tattoo work since he was last pictured, so here’s Marc of the world-famous Swastika Freakshop, sporting some handsome work by Lionel from Out of Step (who has also been shown here on occasion). Clearly this was just an attempt by the two of them to be included on ModBlog again. There is literally no other explanation.

31 thoughts on “Brand New Bag

  1. saw this on his myspace other day i fukin love it

    i just think the transdermol in his head ruins it

    its just really out of place

  2. I really like the sketchy quality of the lines. It works really well with the design.

  3. Lionel’s work comes off as lazy. I know the sketchy linework is intentional, but it looks the same as any expressionist artwork, just lazy and sloppy. I know anything can be considered “art” these days, but that’s doesn’t mean we SHOULD class everything as “art”.

  4. Marc has created some of the most amazing tattoos i have ever seen!!!! The detail and style of his work is brilliant!
    too bad his shop is soooooooooo far away :(

  5. I really love what is going on on the right side of his face. It takes skills to make that line quality look deliberate.

  6. Looks awesome, he’s stunning :)

    I hope to hell I can get some work done by him sometime.

  7. Neurosis: “Art” is not synonymous with “beautiful”, “well executed” or even “stuff that I like”. Art is meant to appeal to senses and emotions and in this case it obviously did. You can’t go around labeling things as “not art” just because the aesthetics are not to your liking.

  8. He is totally beautiful, even though I’m not a big fan of facial stuff.
    Just it: beautiful.

  9. I like the freehand ball point pen quality of it. That earlobe is totally distracting me though. T___T

  10. Wow! This boy is just stunning – especially his gorgeous eyes!

  11. This picture actually made me gasp. This is one of the most beautiful facial tattoos I’ve seen. I love the layering of it.

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