Everything is Untrue

I’ll confess that I was never much for Amen—more of a smooth jazz guy, personally—but it’s hard to argue with Maki‘s skin-removal scarification piece of the band’s frontman, Casey Chaos. It’s two months into the healing process here, so let’s hope it stays so well defined.

(Cutting by Samppa from Mad Max Tattoo.)

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11 thoughts on “Everything is Untrue

  1. i love scarification, but I don’t see why you would get a scar portrait when a tattoo portrait would serve so much better…not that i’m dissing that excellent triple portrait posted a while back, but personally I dislike the lack of definition in the face.

  2. Not a fan of portraits in general… but this one looks really good!
    Maybe because it’s a scar…

  3. Holy fuck, that’s amazing. Amen are by far my favourite band on the planet, I’m wondering whether it was a nod toward Mr Chaos that it was done in scars rather than ink?

    Whatever, nice piece!

  4. Er, a tad too cheesy for my taste, but I’m sure he likes it.

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