Sins of Fathers

Following up on last week’s various spider endeavors, Tye sends in these photos of his brother’s new Carnage tattoo, done by the great Lila Way at her own True Grit Tattoos in Burlington, Ontario. (The shop also houses familiar faces Greg Garrett, formerly of Way Cool Oakville, Franklin Reeves and Tom Brazda.) As for the tattoo, well, it’s expertly done, but isn’t it just begging to have that infernal symbiote bond with your precious lifeforce? Hey, priorities.

14 thoughts on “Sins of Fathers

  1. This is a fantastic tattoo. Really great work. However I always personally felt that Carnage was jumping the shark a bit.

  2. The venom spider was completely brutalized by a random tattoo artists and my brother wanted it cleaned up, since it would be hard to cover it up. Though once he adds more of the characters it would be a nice end point of the 3/4″ sleeve.

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