The Bag That Bursts

So, let me get this straight. You send in a well-shot photo of a lovely tattooed model, sporting a number of piercings and wearing some fancy gold jewelry, and you expect us to publish it on ModBlog?

… Yeah, you’ve pretty much got our number.

(Piercings by Mike French and Spider at Omega Red Body Piercing in Cedar Falls, Iowa.)

21 thoughts on “The Bag That Bursts

  1. good goodness… stunning I love all the gold jewelry it has such a soft appearance on her sweet face… a lil more stylish than some bright titanium pieces or something to that effect

  2. That jewelry is available If you contact Omega Red Piercing Studio. Its all handmade by Mike French. You can contact him through the website above or at the shop. 1-319-277-8780

  3. No no no no no people you’re not asking the right questions

    Are there more? ARE THERE MORE?

    She is so beautiful

  4. oohohoh is that the chick from Omega Red? I think I bought some gorgeous jewellery off her at the expo at APP!

  5. I love that idea, with the earrings thru the plugs, it almost makes them more feminin, or i shouldn’t say that, I guess the word is softer. I love the way it lookx!

  6. she is lovely. stunning, even. aaand now I want to go 5/8ths,dammit. the hoops rock.

  7. She looks stunning. And I’ve been looking for nice hoops to wear through my tunnels, but haven’t found anything as nice as what she has.
    And her septum jewellery is so pretty and inconspicuous (at least in the photo, might be the lighting I guess) :).

  8. I’m with arto – would like to see this in a bigger size. I’ve been thinking about going gold with my piercing jewellery, this just makes me even more convinced, she lookes stunning!

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