Hey, Who Wants To Be On Television?

As you all know, every once in a while we get press releases and casting calls forwarded our way in which some of you fine folks may or may not be interested. This is one of them!


ABC’s primetime series “Wife Swap” is currently casting its fifth season and looking for unique families to take part in the show. Families who participate in this documentary-style program are given a unique opportunity to share their beliefs and lifestyles with another family. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience that can be life-changing for everyone.

Each week on Wife Swap, the mothers from two families with different values and belief systems will exchange lives. It’s an amazing family experience and opportunity to learn how others lead their lives. Half of the week, mom lives the life of the family she is staying with. After making her observations, she introduces several “rule changes,” where she implements rules and activities that are important to her family. It’s a positive experience for people to not only learn but teach about other families and other ways of life. Wife Swap airs on Disney owned ABC television on Fridays at 8 pm.
If you are a family with at least one child over the age of 5 living and you think your family would be a good fit for the show, contact us to be a part of this show.

To apply or get information about the show please contact:

Molly Sebastian (Casting Producer)

Call: 646-747-7960

Email: [email protected] AND [email protected]

25 thoughts on “Hey, Who Wants To Be On Television?

  1. Hey, I was in England recently doing that ”Extreme Male Beauty” Show after reading about it on this site. You know what? It was horrid. Interesting, but horrid, very unprofessional, very….. horrid. Don’t go on tv! It’s horrid!

  2. A prime oppurtunity for the media to twist whatever you say to fit pre composed stereotypes.

  3. “If you are a family with at least one child over the age of 5 living….”

    Dead kids need not apply.

  4. I could never do a show like that. I’ve seen wife swap. And, I’d honestly like to believe I am quite an open-minded person… but knowing my luck, I’d be shoved in a household full of Christian extremists, that think my tats and stretching are sinful, telling me how much help I need, and condemning me for being bisexual. I’d smile through the entire thing though.. then go home reminded of why I’m not a “christian” anymore.

  5. EXACTLY. That wifeswap show, they pick the most extreme ends of something, and switch them. OF COURSE THERE WILL BE DRAMA when you do something like that.

    I wonder if they have AD’s up on other sites such as: LOOKING FOR MORMAN/CHRISTIAN FAMILIES, PASSIONATE ABOUT JESUS

  6. Jinxiboo and her husband Steve did that and they are both heavily modified (I love all of her tattoos!). Her myspace link is http://www.myspace.com/jinxiboo Although I don’t know them personally, I have sent Jinxiboo a compliment or two about her octopuss tattoo. She has always been nice. She’s the sweetest person I’ve never met.

  7. they are going to find some random ass white trash family. the words “gauges, and gauge” will be thrown around like a red headed step child. that show will make body modification look so horrible

  8. me me me me.
    aside from always being into extreme body modification, i have always had a fetish for being on a reality show.
    this will complete my vision quest.

    if i didn’t need the money for my meds, I’d do it for free.

  9. Here! Christians can like mods too. My minister has a tattoo!
    No one at my church has even condemned me and my best friend for having multiple piercings.

    But i know there are extremists out their giving us a bad name :(

  10. On Jinxiboo’s myspace there’s a short clip of the wifeswap show, and as predicted the narrator was saying stuff like “the religious mother brings the Lord to the house of sin” etc.
    Don’t really like the thought of them putting “religious” and “modified” as opposites, as it’s not as if modified religious people are a dying breed.

    I remeber seeing one episode of the show, where a black mother got beyong indignant and furious, that the white family had a cookie jar shaped like a black woman (it had a special name, but can’t remeber it now)…
    It’s the same as few years ago in Finland the mascot for a liquorice brand had to be changed from a little black boy to a panda or something. I just find that kind of stuff petty and ridiculous.

  11. i was contacted by the show post #1 refers to about being on it, the first thing they asked was- “do you know anyone whos had lots of problems with modifications or have you had any major problems?” i told them to follow a line of spiritual awareness for it to make it more deep and interesting, but that doesnt sell to the mass public. fuck em dont do it, don’t embarrass yourself for cheap airtime!

  12. There’s nothing the modified family can do to not end up looking like the ‘first cult of Satans followers’ directly after being subjected to the public eye, versing some bible toting. “Right-goers” who are protecting their temples and following the good word.
    Every episode looks the same…… Everyone thinks they’re better. The end.

    In fact…. just be being modified AND having children… You’re already in the wrong to the public eye.
    Which is sickening.

  13. Lily I’m still debating whether your comment is sarcasm or not. Lots of people who are in the spotlight have tattoos…it doesn’t mean that people are still discriminated against for having them.

    As for this show…it just makes me laugh. They wouldn’t just make the modified people look bad though, they make both sides look like assclowns. If anyone remembers the ever famous “I’M A GOD WARRIOR!” woman…

  14. People, wake up. Turn off your TVs. The correct response should be “Never heard of it”

  15. I can say from experience, that Wife Swap offers a pretty fair look into people’s lives.

    I don’t enjoy that every time it re-airs, I hear about it a hundred times a week on every bus, at every convenience store, etc.

    It’s just one more annoying question that goes in the same file as “did that hurt?”, and “nice tats”.
    I die inside, a little more, every time that show re-airs.

    If you’re absolutely fame thirsty though, you’ll probably love it.
    I just wanted the cash money.

  16. High five Jeremy.
    You and anna are fantastic parents.
    I enjoyed the episode.

    I just know that I’m too crazy and irate of a being to listen to some dude babble to me about being wrong for something that doesn’t apply to him.

    Crazy patience.

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