Older and Better

Greetings, ModBloggers! Let’s begin our Wednesday smorgasbord with this shot of “Mr. Lees Boat,” if that is his real name, featuring some brand new circular facial scarification work by the great Iestyn (lots more). As always, we’ll be very curious to see how these suckers heal, but between his jewelry and new scars, ’tis a fine theme emerging.

(Cutting by Iestyn at Diamond Jack’s in London, England.)

See more in Absolute Scarification By Iestyn (Scarification)

25 thoughts on “Older and Better

  1. once it heals, I think it’ll be interesting. for the now however, ouch.

  2. lots of little circles all over, from the ends of his transdermals to the assorted balls and cones on his standard-ish gauge facial piercings, to the scars, the big labret plug… yes. definitely lots of circles. not to mention the pupils/irises thing.

  3. using dermal punch ? i bet,
    looks awesome. totally cool.
    love that stretched labret.

  4. Wow. The (punches, I assume?) look really deep. Almost as if they were straight to the skull, hah.o.o

  5. Those aren’t microdermals! Subdermals!

    Love the scarification. Circles are very complimentary and simple!

    His ears gross me out. I can’t figure out what is with is lobe, and the giant metal taper in the conch is scary.

  6. i think id take sleeping pills and sleep for a few days after having that done it looks so painful!!!!

  7. Oh it looks so good blah blah really? those transdermals are dick and if anyone else is interested in some half ass holes on their face I have a paper punch right here

  8. Can anyone explain to me whats going on with the ear? is the conch dermal punched and then the lobe cut? idk. .:/

  9. I absolutely love these. I really want to do something very similar, but I believe I should fill more of my body with mods before I move to my face. Even tho I think these healed will be not very noticeable. I’ll add it to my bucket list for now.

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