Echoes In My Heart

Hey, so! Kind of a bizarro day down here at the ol’ ModBlog, right? So what the hell, let’s finish up with some more glorious absurdity, this time from occasional BME videographer Chris, sporting the above lens-mug by Cory Ferguson at Good Point Tattoos. Check out the source material after the jump, but in the meantime, ModBloggers, here’s something to think on for the night: Camera-face vs. Crazy Newspaper Face—who ya got?

Until tomorrow, friends.

17 thoughts on “Echoes In My Heart

  1. I actually like the tattoo more than the original source, it has so much more texture.

  2. I’d like to see the black portion added to the background however! Could look very slick.

  3. Nope, just really into Photography. :)

    I have thought about adding the background. I just didn’t want to have to get any extra work done and not be able to wear shorts during summer. Maybe in the fall. Give my leg hair a chance to grow back.

    Also, the lack of texture on the original source is partially because I was taking shots of my framed print under glass.

    The source art is the polish poster for a movie called Camera Buff.

    I have seen the Russian film, Man with a Movie Camera. It has some stunning work considering when it was done. Also, some amazing optical printing effects.

    I’m just a camera/movie geek overall myself.

  4. Another Wilco reference? Is this like viral advertising for their new album (AVAILABLE IN STORES SOON AND NOW STREAMING FOR FREE ON THEIR WEBSITE!!!!) Kamera, how very Klever Jordan.

  5. i can’t. handle.

    this is probably my favorite tattoo. ever. it has everything i need. camera. and stippling. and. awesomeness. and stippling is a fucking challenge to tattoo well!

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