Raise Your Entrails

Well well well, it’s been a solid month since we checked in with known idolator Adam and his gleefully evil throat, which, back then, was still mired in outline hell. Now, as we can see, it’s in full color and ready to, I don’t know, what do earthly manifestations of the devil do? Capsize a boat? Start a forest fire? Eat at Applebee’s? Yes, Adam’s satanic throat goat is going to be at Applebee’s if anyone needs it.

And because this piece just fits his face so well, it’d be a pity to not include a side shot, right? Right. You know where.

(Tattoo by Zack Ross at No Surrender Studios in San Marcos, Texas.)

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16 thoughts on “Raise Your Entrails

  1. goats, by their very nature, are satan’s sled dogs.
    however, I really dig this particular goat—not onlyare the colors vibrant, but (my fave) it really lets the eyes wander about. hopefully he’s not the sort to biff one for staring. I can’t stop looking. and I love the detail that is gradually discovered w/ ev glance.

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