Training is Everything

Alright, OK, enough of the good times we’ve been having today, what with all the Satan faces and ancient religious weaponry—time to get down to brass tacks, and the dangers of this so-called “body modification” of which we are all such great fans. See that up there? That man, covered in food? Trying desperately to tongue that bit of sauerkraut off his face? This, my friends, is one of the many potential pitfalls of engaging in risk-laden behaviors such as “body piercing.” I’m not saying you absolutely shouldn’t get piercings, but just look at Artie up on top and, being honest with yourself, decide if that sort of life—happy, attractive, well-fed—is the kind of existence with which you are comfortable. Just saying.

(Photo by Phoenixxx.)

17 thoughts on “Training is Everything

  1. I don’t think I managed to consume a single hot dog this weekend… how’d that happen? Artie looks so wholesome in this picture. Like a long haired Dennis Mitchell. He means well… but oh boy will there be shenanigans!

  2. haha i dont often have that problem, seeing how i can lick my nose, and septum jewelry without a lot of effort! and mmmm kraut…

  3. theres just one thing missing……..



    what happened to that sweet molester stache we came to know and love

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