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Well hey now, it wouldn’t be a proper end to a week without it being a casual Friday, am I right? That’d be Ari up there, dick just flappin’ in the breeze, standing next to noted adult film star Jacob Romero. But why? Well:

Blue Boutique (Ari’s place of work) was throwing this gay couples sex toy party, so they got him to come in and autograph DVDs and shit. [...] When [he] came in, I knew what I had to ask: “Hey bro, can we get a picture…with our dicks out?”

Those are the kinds of tough questions that win awards, my friend. And just like that, our little week has run its course. What went down this time around?

- Oh dear God, the throat goat is back. Hide the children.

- Wayde Dunn is still a magician.

- This terrible story about whatshername with all the stars on her face crash-landed into our lives, killing thousands.

- Some horndog was licking swords all over the place.

- Chuckie from Hungary stuck a worm in his septum, and the children all cried.

- Not to be outdone, Babasom loaded up his schnozz with spicy peppers. Ball’s in your court, Chuck.

As always, we’ll pop in briefly over the weekend, and then come Monday, it’s back to normal. Until then, enjoy your weekend, folks, stay safe and, of course, thank you for your continued support of BME.

9 thoughts on “This Week in BME

  1. #1 I thought the same thing when I saw the pic. Maybe he’s a “grower” tee-hee!

  2. #3, that or he’s a catcher! i”m not gay so i don’t know if they only put switch hitters in gay porn or what the deal is. can any one elaborate?

  3. nah its just folded over a couple of times in his pants. hes trying not to make ari look bad.

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