Grasping at the Root

Well hey, it’s Kiba! Last time we saw her, she was…a little more colorful, to say the least, but now she’s sensibly shorn those rainbow locks for the summer. (Though truth be told, she could be wearing nothing but bird crap on her head and we’d still love to see pictures of her.)

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38 thoughts on “Grasping at the Root

  1. I’m digging the short hair! V for Vendetta-esque is never a bad idea. :D

  2. she is very beautiful…..with pink hair or short hair. great looking mods too!

  3. immediately after seeing this girl i feel the urge to shave my head and wish i’ll look only half as good as she does

  4. Great, yet I’m afraid Justinne (?) is still the undisputed queen of naked scalps, sorry.

  5. well admired photo all the detail is focised on the center of the face
    she is a very stunning beautifully atractive girl were ever she is from from
    man i dig the septum and awesome jade lobes as well
    balance is the key to the photo

  6. she is lovely but would look even better with better eyebrows.

  7. She’s a lot more beautiful than the emo-swedish-girl with the pale-scene-swedish-guy.

  8. Yay Kiba. Dude, Samuel, grow up. If you dislike something then state your point. However, do not continue to post about them in other places where it holds no merit, this is Kiba’s spot, not there’s.

  9. she is always beautiful!! hair, no hair, whatever….im in love!!

  10. I wanted to mention the eyebrows, but other than that YOU LOOK HOT!!!
    This makes me wanna skin my head again:)

  11. she actually looks really good with her head shaved, and I love her eyes!

  12. I’ve always admired girls who can pull off such a short cut. It puts so much empahsis on the face that there’s no hiding less than pleasant features. Luckily she’s gorgeous, so there are no such problems! On a side note, those plugs are beautiful.

  13. What is this board’s obsession with eyebrows? Every time there’s a girl on here with thin brows or drawn brows, here come a bunch of people like “ZOMG EYEBROWS!!!!!!1111″ I much prefer thin or pencil brows to thicker brows, which I’ve always thought look way too masculine.

  14. mirrormoon – it’s about the shape of the brows. i don’t care what size the brows are, as long as they are nicely shaped. no offense to kiba, especially since she said she’s growing them out, but they distract from her beauty. once they’ve grown in, having them shaped to follow their natural arch, will make her face even more beautiful.

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