There’s No Here

“Sure,” you said, “Babasom can fit peppers in his septum. He can fit locks, markers and sunglasses. But can he fit both pinkies in? No. No he can’t. Of course not.” Guess who was just proven wrong?

Sleep on that, ModBloggers. Until tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “There’s No Here

  1. grrr youu upset me babasom i’m sooo close to being able to get my pinky through my septum and you blow my goal outta the water. i fell in love with the large septums after seeing some crazy pics of yours so i guess even tho your awesomeness upsets me your my hero

  2. Fantastic – I am more impressed he can get both in his nostril though. My problem stretching my septum is that I can’t get any larger pieces in my nostril to put into my septum, I’d love to be able to get both pinkies through but I’m holding at half an inch

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