Godzilla Bankroll

Oh look, it’s Ramen, ladies and gentlemen! Sure, he’s got 1 3/4-inch lobes, pierced cheeks, a vertical labret and high and low nostril piercings, but there’s so much more to him than just a pretty face. Don’t believe me? Click through for a full-length shot. There is literally a full body beneath his neck.

See more in Ear Stretching (past 1/2″) (Ear Piercing)

27 thoughts on “Godzilla Bankroll

  1. A cloud appears above your head;
    A beam of light comes shining down on you,
    Shining down on you.
    The cloud is moving nearer still.
    Aurora borealis comes in view;
    Aurora comes in view.

  2. GODZILLA BANKROLLS!!!!!!!!!! fuck yea
    give it up for mother fucking GFK, the Ghostface Killah!!!

  3. Settle down ladies. He’s only pretty on the outside. Truth be told, underneath that skin resides your worst nightmares.

    Love you Adam.
    <3 Lilli.

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