Coming Soon to a Bordello Near You Columbus, Ohio: Brian Decker!

Get excited, Ohioans! The littlest king of Brooklyn, Brian Decker of Pure Body Arts is packing up his hobo bindle and taking his show on the road! Next stop, Columbus, Ohio, from July 29 to August 4. Book your appointments as soon as possible, as these suckers are bound to fill up fast. In the mean time, check out the above video, courtesy of Nae, showing off her fancy (and healed, and gigantic) silicone hand implants courtesy of Mr. Decker (installation shown here). After the jump, a few stills of her hands in all their flowery glory.

14 thoughts on “Coming Soon to a Bordello Near You Columbus, Ohio: Brian Decker!

  1. holy crud, those are huge! how did they pack that sucker through that little hole? worth it!

  2. Those are big and sure do look damn good, im glad i already got my appt. set up with Mr. Decker… i can’t wait

  3. I’m so happy he is moving around a bit! I’m excited for when he comes to Berkeley! I wish i had money to get some implants. x.x

  4. Oh, these are real beauties! Couldn’t the incision have been made a little farther and/or on the thumb’s side of the hand so it wouldn’t be so apparent…? Anyways, smokin’ as they are. =)

  5. Oh those are so lovely,especially the second picture (I think its the plum blossom?).Well done Brian!
    Can someone tell me how bad implants hurt on the chest area?I want some silicone balls underneath my colar bones…

  6. I really am happy with the way these are healing up. It’s true, Sir Vicious, in retrospect, i wish i had put the incisions further away, but I never anticipated it to scar up to this extent. I’m confident they will fade with time, though, as they are still flat, just apparent right now.

  7. I have to say, it doesnt matter whats on modblog in terms of mods but everyone will always say how great things look. It doesnt matter what the hell it is but people will never just say “actually it doesnt look that good” The amount of shit scarification and implants that i have seen on here but everyone is always just wanting to sing on about how great it all looks

  8. to monkey

    I do tend to agree with you about how so many people compliment work i dont think is executed very well, but this doesnt seem to be one of those situations.

    I dont like hand implants myself for many reasons but these seem to have turned out well and despite being sooo huge they look comfortable. The scaring has been addressed and i think if the person works on her scar a bit in another year it will be almost gone.

  9. ……That is insane!!!! I couldn’t imagine doing that to my body! I freak out when it comes to anything that has to do with pain, so I guess that’s why I think it’s crazy!!! I could never do that to myself. ….What is the purpose of it anyway? It just looks kinda scary to me….

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  11. Incredible what a wonderful video. I was going to watch Shutter Island at the movie house but instead I enjoyed it here for 100 % freethank you very much for giving us this service. You guys are really cool.

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