Rows of Angel Hair

Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself! This Hole-inspired (probably?) piece is plenty pretty on the outside, too—though I guess you sort of expect that with a cutting (plus electro-cautery branding!) by the excellent Christiane at Pinpoint Piercing in Oslo, Norway. Also, wow, considering this is the inglorious Summer of Celebrity Death, is Courtney Love just hiding out in her panic room for days on end or what? Stay safe out there, famous crazies.

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15 thoughts on “Rows of Angel Hair

  1. Ahhhh, the idea of chest branding makes my skin crawl. But with the awesome cutting in here, it looks so nice.

  2. I wonder how legible that branding is going to be. They heal a lot different than the cutting does.

  3. i love the birds! god damn, some artists are talented as shiiiit

    (and dont talk shit about billy mayes, god blessim.)

  4. this is beautiful. can’t say anaything else about it. just plain beautiful.

  5. Brave lady. I’d never have the guts to do that. Tattoo, yes, maybe. Branding on my chest? Hell, no.

    Beautiful though.

  6. WOW that is gorgeous. That branding really looks good. I’m curious how it will look once healed, but I have to imagine that this piece turned out exactly like it was supposed to! A great idea with awesome results. Congrats! I’m quite jealous.

  7. No, no hair, and who the fuck cares? What has that to do with the piece?
    I love this! It is stunning. A true artist at work :)

  8. #10; Hah, if you had ever been so lucky as to see a girl’s underwear, you’d know that’s part of my bra… The idea behind the piece was really to say something about my body dysmorphic disorder, a diagnosis I am sooo lucky to have. But yes, it is a Hole-quote. I just gave Christiane an idea, sparrows and a broken heart, and she turned it into something a million times more beautiful than I would have ever imagined! I’m super proud of it! <3

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