Don’t Look Down

Oh hey, it’s the lovely Knifefight (a.k.a Miss Shank), looking worlds different from her last appearance here. I have a few reasons for posting this picture. First of all, it’s a nice palate cleanser after the ol’ ultra-violence down below. Second of all, we already posted a handsome naked fella earlier in the day, and we here at BME and ModBlog are nothing if not equal-opportunity gawkers. And third? I know how much you all love click-throughs. Enjoy!

(Photo by imagesing.)

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17 thoughts on “Don’t Look Down

  1. Not sure if im seeing this right as im looking from olive garden on my cell, but is she a ginger? Yay if she is…

  2. Pretty!

    Curious if right leg tat is meant to stand alone, in which case hooray for asymmetry!

    Or if it’s a work in progress, in which case it would be nice to see what it looks like when it’s complete!

  3. Judging from single picture, she is gorgeous. But I´d prefer more subtle tatoo and omit some facial piercing, I don´t think the more the better. In my opinion, these things are better to emphasize not replace natural beauty (if present).

  4. @Tonik

    she hardly has too many piercings. i think they all emphasize her natural beauty. her tattoos are also perfect.

    are you saying that ugly people should be covered in tattoos and have a fuckton of metal in them to hide said ugliness?

  5. I´d say not blessed rather than ugly, but if You are asking – at least they don´t have much to lose. I´m not judging lifestyle, I like both tattoo and piercing. I wrote how I feel it, You can have different opinion.

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