Don’t Mean a Thing

Well here is some grisly torture footage courtesy of Kay, huh? This little red-shirted emperor was just walkin’ around Marshallfest like he owned the place when he stumbled upon some nice gentleman mid-suspension and decided people were having just a little too much fun. Look at the cold, indifferent stare on his face. You may not be able to read it from here, but the young master’s T-shirt actually reads, “If He Dies, He Dies.” Chilling. A shot of one of his accomplices taking a free ride of his own, after the jump.

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33 thoughts on “Don’t Mean a Thing

  1. i hope they took all the necessary precaution to ensure the safety of the children……

    p.s. Jordan what happened to casual Friday?

  2. Nikk: Casual Friday depends on the submissions of readers who enjoy taking photos of themselves with their private appendages exposed in hilarious ways. Believe me, it pains me most of all when we have nothing to post for Casual Friday.

  3. Looks like bad parenting at it’s best.

    And suspension is getting old. I cease to be amazed with the same retards hangin from chains trying to be cool.

    Wanna do something more cutting edge these days? Take a bath

  4. oh man, I definitely missed that era in time when suspension was new and exciting to the masses. Cause that’s what it’s about. Retards on chains and being FRESH and NEW.


  5. yeah, I don’t know if I’d get kids involved in something like this…

    but seriously, people on here are getting so pissy lately, what’s the deal?

  6. I think the suspention pics are great! keep up the good work. and what a way to bond with your kid in a way he will always remember! some of you people on here lately need to get back on your meds and chill out!!

  7. Is this really the best way to gain respect and good press for suspensions in general? Probably not.

  8. I’m sure those kids were totally safe. I mean, seriously, folks… calm down. The backlash this would suffer if, say, the 2 adults not swinging by hooks weren’t in the picture would be awful. As it is, those 2 do appear to be looking after the safety and well- being of the suspendee and the children. No need for a heart attack.

    I’m not much for suspensions myself, as my brother has managed to royally mess himself up doing a single point. I did, however, laugh at the poor guy being turned into a swingset.

  9. Aww, not to be a miser, but, Chad, i honestly mean this when i say it, i hope you drown (or maybe just catch a harsh cold) when you next take a bath :) <3

  10. pushing the boundaries of social norms shouldn’t be so difficult to for the people who embrace it. showing a child that there’s nothing wrong with the actions these people are taking will most likely be a good starting point for them, instead of being older and stumbling on it and being revolted. i doubt the people we took these customs from hid the nature of these actions from their children. food for thought.

  11. This is amazing.
    At least those kids won’t grow up drinking haterade all the time.

  12. haha i just stumbled upon this. i submited these and it WAS a bonding experience for (chad) the suspendee and his 2 little boys. they loved it and chad felt so great to involve his boys insomething else that he loves so much. cuz for us few people into suspension here in little marshalltown its much more than just to look cool. we make it an important part of our lives and once in awhile we share it with the public. o ya…fuck everyone with negatve comments. geez people. wats wrong with everyone lately?

  13. and is the white power tattoo remark about the positive sign on white shorts guy (troys) left arm? cuz its a POSITIVE SYMBOL. and on the other arm in the same spot is a negative symbol. theres meaning behind it..but i wont get into it. reading these comments again makes me not think to greatly about this community as i did in the past. =[ sad. hmmm oh well every community has their close minded people.

  14. cool pic, but i won’t put my kid in something like that… but still a pretty cool pic

  15. Wow, that’s all kinds of wrong!! If this were a kid giving a bible reading about eternal damnation, you’d all be shouting about how he’s too young to understand what he’s doing. You’d be screaming “INDOCTRINATION!” How is this different?

    Nothing like using your kids to massage your ego and be all ‘wacky’.

    Congratulations, the world thinks you’re an idiot! (but the sycophants love you!)

  16. contamination? you mean you never ate slugs when you were little? or buggers?
    come on, what could happen to them? besides them having a great experience …

  17. A great experience? In who’s eyes? Christ, they’re KIDS!

    Growing up DIFFERENT doesn’t mean growing up BETTER.

    If a racist family decided to take their kids out hunting black people, would that constitute a great experience of the kids? Probably in the eyes of their parents.

    Perhaps people need to see the bigger picture, beyond the tongue-up-arse, sycophantic ‘community’ of mutual ego massaging the Body Mod scene has become.

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