Sand And Stars

The last time we saw the lovely Liona, she was in the midst of a slight silverware mishap, but she seems to have rebounded nicely, yes? I know it’s just the angle, but that combined with the thick eye makeup almost gives the illusion of her not having any eyelids, which, hey, is a touch unsettling! But, she is striking nonetheless, even if she will stare you into the next world.

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22 thoughts on “Sand And Stars

  1. lol give me a break

    i don’t know where to start

    maybe the drag queen eyebrows

    btw, love the “smokey eyes”

    not really

  2. this pic showcases her makeup and hair…not her tattoos
    which upsets me because i too would love to get a better look at her left bicep!

  3. Love it. She’s got a solid look going on there. Really nice, awesome snapshot impression.

  4. Liona’s lovely just the way she is.

    Joker on one arm, Harley Quinn on the other btw for those that don’t have an iam account, or couldn’t click the link..

  5. Good to see you here again Lenore, love the blond dreads!

    It’s cool how does multiple piercings just are so perfect with your face!

    Grtz from Belgium…


  6. Wow how’d I miss this!
    Thanks for putting this pic up <3

    Ru’s comment of “take off the make up and then i’d consider calling her attractive.” seems like it doesn’t belong in this community.
    How many times do we hear the same shit directed to mods..
    “If you took all that metal outta yer face y’might actually look good” or w/e other ignorant bs ppl come up with.

    I honestly don’t get how ppl can be so into mods but hate on makeup…
    To me makeup is art… just another form of expression for this canvas.
    Does it not count cause it’s not permanent? Or is it because it doesn’t hurt?
    It’s a ritual to me, same as the process of being tattooed or designing piercing projects and so on.
    Part of the evolution of identity…

    Oh yeah, and those are my natural eyebrows just coloured… Lol

    Thanks for the nice comments, even if there were more mean… I’ll choose to dismiss em ^_^
    Understanding feels better than closed-mindedness

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