Happens All The Time

Ha, so, is it just me or have the comments been a touch more vitriolic this week than they have been in a while? Well, no matter—let’s all take a load off with this nicely stippled slice of mystic pizza (the food, not the poor-man’s Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, that is) by Simon Erl at Hope and Glory in Swaffham, Norfolk, England, who was last seen riling folks up with this radical propaganda. This, though? This is the pizza that the Illuminati eats, when the New World Order assembles to plan the next few hundred years of human existence, in space. Now that’s a spicy pedigree.

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7 thoughts on “Happens All The Time

  1. ha ha Simon Jonathan Erl! he did my roller derby dismembered legs black eye thigh tattoo. he’s very good at these types of things. and we were going to tattoo one of my (pizza shaped) shingles scars so it said “pizza crew! cowabunga!” (we were watching some sort of show about teenage turtles who happen to be mutants?)

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