I Rained Down Sulphur, Man

Good morning, folks! Let’s start off our day with this shot of Loki and his wife, Jannet, coming straight to us from St. Petersburg, Russia, with love. Lovely, right? It takes a strong bond for a couple to commit to matching hair cuts, but these two? This right here is nothing if not a power couple. And so the Old Country’s incredible ModBlog streak continues!

(Implants on Loki’s arm are self-done.)

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20 thoughts on “I Rained Down Sulphur, Man

  1. his implants look super nasty. and why the hell is he wearing gloves but nothing else?? that’s like when people leave their socks on to have sex. yuuuuck.

  2. Very pretty picture, very pretty couple- but his implants seem to be randomly clustered and messy looking. Not digging them. Everything else gets a thumbs up though :D

  3. “Implants on Loki’s arm are self-done”…. also self explanatory. they look weird. is there any pattern or is it just there?
    cute couple.

  4. Hey! It’s andersson!
    Finally, he had found really beautiful (differing to revious one) wife.

  5. Loving the Dogma reference. Especially considering his name is Loki. =)

    Cute couple. I like her chest piece. Is she planning on coloring the rest of it? If so, and update when that happens would be appreciated.

    Also, is there a story behind why they both have key clips around their necks?

  6. his implants are three large gauge barbells.

    looks like he was born with a ‘missing’ finger, but if you’re born without one i doubt it’s missing.

    no one reads anymore, seriously.

  7. The array is interesting and if nothing aesthetically pleasing.
    It’s probably just be me, but I also like scar tissue(outside of purposeful scarification).
    Those implants are totally rockin’.

    Also those dots on her chest do kind of look like suspension left overs.

  8. I really like the “missing” finger :-)

    Why ARE they both wearing key clips like that???

    I’m a stickler for symmetry when it comes to implants, so I’m not a fan of the random looking bumps

    @4 – maybe he’s wearing pants…who knows…but what’s wrong with socks during sex? Sure it looks goofy but…feet get cold :-)

  9. scars on my belly from hanging.
    tattoo I am going to complete in September.
    Hook at the neck is a sign of our personal

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