Hard Pore Cornography

Alright, alright! So, as we’ve learned over the past week, Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama are little more than common grifters, unconcerned with the welfare of their fellow humans and dedicated almost exclusively to hedonistic earthly pursuits like celebrity poker and Cirque Du Soleil. Fine. With that said, I think we’ve finally found a portrait of a man beyond reproach—a man whose life was steeped in virtue, who had respect for all living things, and who, if nothing else could be said of him, undeniably made the world a better place. Try to shit all over Archie, you meatheads.

(Tattoo by Ron Antonick at Gen X Tattoos in Willoughby, Ohio.)

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7 thoughts on “Hard Pore Cornography

  1. Glad you posted the link, cuz Carroll O’Connor’s likeness was nowhere to be found in the image.

    George Karl? Maybe.

  2. he wasnt a fictional liberal..in fact he was a limosine liberal of the highest order
    these were so over the top, you watch those shows now and gringe..tattoo aint bad I knew it was carroll oconnor

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