Guess What? “Kissing Cousins” Edition

Greetings! Welcome back to this summer’s second-highest-grossing blockbuster, Guess What?, currently sporting a hearty 84 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes. The rules here are quite simple: You honest people take a look at our clue up there, try to guess what sinful part of the human anatomy it is, and then the first person to get it right (without cheating—we know if you’re cheating. We have our ways) wins a prize! This week’s reward? A helicopter ride to the moon!* Here’s another hint: Thematically, what we have above is not entirely dissimilar to this twin Wolf Jesus erotica from earlier today. And hey, after the jump? A bonus photo, just for being so sweet.

*Helicopter ride leaves from Mars. Winner is responsible for transporting him- or herself to the launch pad.

Hey, pretty cute, right? I’m pretty sure they’re spooning in the top picture, and the second one here? That’s just some gentle necking. (Heading?) Really though, this is one of the (relatively) many wonderfully healed bisections we’ve seen over the last little while—very moderate scarring, healthy size to both halves and, quite honestly, a winsome demeanor fairly uncharacteristic of anonymous genitals.

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41 thoughts on “Guess What? “Kissing Cousins” Edition

  1. holy shit, that had to be one HUGE dick before it was split, because even now it’s like the girth of an average dick.

  2. that seems almost too clean and too large to be an actual split. I’m not saying photoshop but possible plastic surgery? If not kudos to the owner. And if it is natural he may have needed to split in order to fit. :)

  3. darn, i thought it was going to be a rerouted pee-pee hole on a guy.

    that’s a b-e-a-u-tiful split. It looks amazing, and is extremely well pulled off.
    And i agree with previous posters, this dude must have had some serious girth. Those both look like quite avrage sized penises! (penii?)

  4. Ok maybe someone knows the answer to my question…

    Why when a man has his penis bisected do both halves independently become as large as the penis was in the first place. I’ve seen this on a couple different people first hand and as a whole the two pieces add up being twice as large when put back side to side… This has always blown my mind and maybe someone knows more about this and can shed some light on my confusion.

  5. this is the first time i’ve ever seen something like this, so enlighten me please: does each half grow the missing half back? how does it work sexually… u alternate between using penis #1 and #2? do the have separate erections? in general: is it like having 2 separate penisses? from where exactly do you pee? how do you pee when it’s still healing? what if you “accidentally” have an erection during the healing process?
    i’m confused….but certainly fascinated…tell me more!

  6. When I look at this I see two chubby little Chinese rice farmers embracing. They even have little hats on.

    Can anyone relate?
    No? Oh well.

    I too would like to see a before shot, out of curiosity regarding how thick the two halves are. They really healed up well too. Kudos, anonymous dick splitter.

  7. Emilyerdbeer:

    I’ve never seen the penis grow the other half back. There may be some regrowth (growing back together) but I wouldn’t think they’d become 2 separate dongs.

    From what I’ve seen they function as one penis…but I don’t have a split penis or a penis at all so…some guys we’ve seen on modblog here hold it together and have sex “normally” others get a little feistier and go for that DP. But they function as one, from what I’ve seen.

    You pee from where the urethra ending is, which would be at the bottom of that split. As for peeing while healing: Do it carefully and probably sitting down. There’s going to be some stinging or something I’m sure…but guys willing to get such a serious mod are probably ready for this and are very careful.

    Erections during healing: This I don’t know. It probably sucks…quite a bit. Haha but that’s just a guess.

    Hope that helped!

  8. And I just thought of something…

    To get that rounder appearance of having just two wangs…could he have gotten stitches? They do that during tongue splits to get the rounder inside, yes?

  9. There is no air in outer space = aircrafts that propells itself by moving air in a certain direction won’t be able to function… Lousy cheaters!

  10. Now that is a beer can penis.

    I don’t normally like splits, but that is healed beautifully!

    is the last picture him fully erect?

  11. I’d be willing to bet this had to start out as some sort of natural diphallia. But I probably wouldn’t bet much.

    And I’m just going to start guess multiple penises, rather than ‘it’s a penis’! :)

  12. That is awesome!!
    For peeing, he might have gotten a urinary catheter. I would love to here how he took care of his split and healed it so well.

  13. its weird how the halfs always end up curving inward. Looks like 2 normal cocks! if he ever gets bored he could just cut one side off and still look legit.

  14. Impressive. I wonder how that maps onto the brain; can you orgasm from stimulation of either? both? Looks wild, very healthy.

  15. I just ran across my entry in ModBlog and am flattered. Thank you for the many kudos. I don’t think I have a before photo…..I didn’t pan to publish! But my natural size was approx. 8 inches erect and fairly thick. After the head split, the bisection was performed with a cautery cutter in 4 or 5 steps as I recall. It has been over 5 years. For healing I simply maintained first gauze and then plastic tubes taped in the opening until completely healed. It took perseverance, but was not painful. It works pretty much as before except with more sensation for myself and my gf. She likes the girth and the independent movement, but it took some getting used to she says. Of course we experiment.

  16. Chuck, if you look up 2 posts you will see that the owner of this penis describes the splitting process he went through. This was posted back in 2009.

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