BME Shop is Having a Sale!

Greetings! Say, do you folks enjoy high quality body jewelry, body modification accessories and “adult pleasure devices” at discount prices? Well, my word, are you all ever in luck! BME Shop is having another one of its world-renowned 15%-off sales, effective immediately! And what sorts of goodies are we slashing prices on?

- Almost all Kaos jewelry (minus select items)

- Gorilla Glass ornate jewelry and plugs

- All Mother of Pearl jewelry

- All ornate wood jewelry

- Almost all wood plugs

- All Little Seven stainless steel ornate jewelry

- All Reign Custom Design jewelry

- All BME Logo plugs

- All multi-gem eyelets

- All ornate water buffalo horn jewelry

- Latex gloves

- Dildos, vibrators, speculums, anal scopes, etc.

Good stuff. When you’ve riffled through and chosen your wares, just enter the coupon code bmelovesme to reap the sweet reward of the discount. Happy shopping!

10 thoughts on “BME Shop is Having a Sale!

  1. To be honest I’d but from BMEshop if the prices were better, but i can but the same stuff on other sites for cheaper. And the suspension hooks are just horrible from here.

  2. I wanted to buy a pair of Kaos plugs and earlets, but it says the discount can’t be applied to them. I’d appreciate if you could specify which Kaos items are eligible for the discount. Anyway, thanks for the sale.

  3. Thanks for the sale, but BME really needs to update their store web site so that it can compete with the other online shops. Any plans to do this?

  4. Don’t bother with this shop – the shirts are poorly made and they don’t respond to complaints. (broken jewelry)

  5. The discount applies to almost all of the kaos plugs except for the black eyelets and plugs.

    As far as the prices on BMEshop, please let me know where my prices are higher than other shops. I basically match everyone elses prices or mine are lower by a couple dollars. Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples as well because metal mafia steel barbels aren’t the same quality as Industrial Strengths.

    The tshirts are offline right now because I have to get caught up due to a few large tshirt orders that came in.

    Stevis: Can you be more specific? The shop is in the process of being integrated into the whole new BME that’s been in development for a year now.

  6. I ordered the buffalo horn snakes and the discount didn’t kick in. I paid $30 and when the page refreshed it was down to $23 :(

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  8. The tshirts used to be thicker and the print on it stayed better. I bought one two years ago, it’s still in great shape. I bought another one a couple of months ago, the material is too thin and the print is already peeling off. I love bme shirt designs, I hope this is fixed. :/

  9. Funny I find the shirts way better. I hate the old ones and never wear them and I wear the new ones constantly but a lot of that has to do with BMEshop not carrying good women’s fitted shirts before and they do now. Thinner is better in my book, I hate thick shirts, I find them uncomfortable. I guess everyone is different but I am so much happier with shirts from BME now as to before.

    As far as the design peeling off, never happened to mine and I’ve had it for a long time and wear and wash it constantly. It’s absolutely had over 100 washes and still great.

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