The Needle’s Eye

Greetings, friends, on this glorious Wednesday. Let’s kick off our afternoon with this gorgeous Japanese-style back-piece by Ed Perdomo at Stardust Tattoo in Orebro, Sweden. There’s a lot going on here for such a small photo, though—this is just the sort of thing that begs for a larger post-jump picture. And we have one! Best day ever?

17 thoughts on “The Needle’s Eye

  1. You can only imagine the size of Mag needles used on this tho… Look at that large grey part half way up the right side, just consistant grey.

    Beautiful :D

  2. Gorgeous tattoo. Cheesy ink bottle censoring ruins the whole picture. I mean, really???

  3. Friggin hell! Knew this guy was holding up in Sweden but not that he was this awesome. I simply must make an appointment.

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