An Unnnoticed Breeze

Greetings, friends! The inimitable Steve Haworth checks in with this photo of his old friend Oak, the co-owner (along with his wife, Bleu) of Painted Temple in Provo, Utah (which Steve calls “one of the more amazing tattoo shops [he's] been in, both in artists and beauty”), sporting brand new rows of spines in his forearm, courtesy of Steve. The horns, though? All natural, shockingly.

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21 thoughts on “An Unnnoticed Breeze

  1. Nomnomnom :) Not generally into facial tattoos, but these really suit him. And the implants look perfect.

  2. i got a steel plate in my hand too, but mines from fighting, instead of trying to look like a retard

  3. Dunno about those facial tatts. I bet he looks at them and thinks, “Hmmmm nah”. But the spiny implants looks kinda cool. A lil OTT but cool.

  4. The facial tattoos I like. The horns are cool too, but the arm implants are giving me a serious case of the heebie-jeebies.

    I have ‘cluster phobia’ and they’re far too reminiscent of childhood nightmares where the skin on my arms would take on odd textures, and I’d wake up screaming. *shudders*

  5. I can’t help but wonder what happens when you try to go through say, airport security with these?

  6. @19 they are made of silicon not metal so nothing happens when you go through airport security

    The implants are nice the chin tattoo is nice looking too but for some reason the lines on his cheeks are throwing me off

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