This Week in BME

And finally, you lovely people, let’s wrap up our week with this bathing suit-area pull, facilitated by Steve and Tracie. If there’s a better metaphor for the end of summer, we have not been made privy to it.

So goes the week that was. What might you have missed?

- Aw, young love, starring John and Preston.

- Aw, lovely floral sleeves, starring various flowers.

- Mawwiage! This is a very positive week thus far.

- And it’s Natalee (a.k.a. the future Mrs. John Joyce)! Seriously, what’s with all this love and happiness? Can we get a zombie uprising or meteor strike or something?

- Oak is just chock full of implants now, courtesy of Steve Haworth.

- Oh God we are freaking out.

And that is that! We may not be around a ton this weekend on account of ye olde long weekend, but we’ll be back next week, refreshed and raring to go (maybe). Until then, compatriots, have fun, stay safe, celebrate labor (that’s what Labor Day is for, yes?) and, as always, thank you for your continued support of BME.

9 thoughts on “This Week in BME

  1. looks painful…. but i guess thats basically what BME is about; pain and the people that love it.

  2. This may sound like a stupid question, But I have non, other than modblog, experiance of suspension etc. Wouldnt doing this over tattoos, fuck them up?

    I would think as a result of putting the hook on/in a tattoo leave a hole in it, or maybe in extreme cases the stretching of the skin may damage it?

    Just wondered?

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