Too Sexy To Eat

Well hey, look at this jaunty little missus! Among the various indignities I faced growing up in Canada, being deprived of Nickelodeon left me cold on countless cultural references, so I had no idea until just this second that this is, in fact, Wanda from The Fairly OddParents, which Wikipedia tells me is a highly popular show. (It also claims that many Nickelodeon are aired in Canada on other stations, but this seems like far-left propaganda.) At any rate! This electrocautery branding was done by Chavito at Nyaya in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. Will this branding also teach children valuable lessons about being careful what you wish for and the most effective ways to replace your dim-bulb parents with supernatural creatures? Probably, yes.

11 thoughts on “Too Sexy To Eat

  1. I’m in Canada and we had Nickelodeon.
    That said, I’m from that far-west oddity that is BC.

  2. I LOVED the fairly oddparents! So many fond TV memories….
    He should get Cosmo on the other side, or maybe it’s a couple’s mod and his gf/wife has cosmo

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