Your Luck Was Still There

Beard? Check. Playboy Sports aviators? Check. Unconventional piercing jewelry that ties two piercings together and is probably pretty uncomfortable but leads to an amusing scowl and makes for a fun picture? Check and mate. There is pretty much nothing we don’t like about this photo.

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15 thoughts on “Your Luck Was Still There

  1. Right now I’m insanely interested in seeing what it would be like if he just ran a straight barbell through those lip piercings.

    Horizontal snakebites? If I could have it in at work, I’d be running down to my shop right now. Anyone know of a photo of this, maybe?

  2. haha i used to play with coffee stir sticks and run one through both of my lip piercings… and i assure you, it’s not too comfortable.

  3. @Anthony

    You’re also probably doing that through piercings which were healed with straight studs though, right? That wouldn’t be comfortable at all.
    If they were healed horizontally – like a stomach surface piercing, I assume you’d get a different result.

    I just googled “Horizontal Labret Piercing” or “Horizontal Lip Piercing” and got a few results.

  4. If that’s through his lip, how did it get there, since there seems to be no fastening mechanism to the ring..?

    Cool picture though.

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