A Haircut and a Shave

Oh Jesus Christ this is cute. Prolific ModBlog commenter Goldust of St. Petersburg, Russia, sends in this photo of his friend Alexander and the man’s son, Ivan—”two tough guys,” Goldust says. We don’t mean to over-share or anything, ModBloggers, but we’re pretty sure this picture just made us start ovulating.

(Sleeve by Dmitriy Babakhin at Bang Bang Custom Tattoo Shop in St. Petersburg, Russia.)

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9 thoughts on “A Haircut and a Shave

  1. OMG! I’m really not a big kid person, but this is so incredibly adorable. They both look so genuinely happy. What a beautiful picture

  2. the baby’s face, omg his face is so CUTE.

    i second the nice sleeve comment, it looks lovely.

    OMG THE BABY. *broods*

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