Garnished the Heavens

As many of you know, we try our damnedest here on ModBlog to not just feature scarification pieces in all of their stunning freshness, but also, when possible, to show the multiform and often unpredictable ways in which such projects can heal. Up above, we’ve got part of a serpentine skin-removal piece by Rion out of Deep Roots in Seattle, Washington, and this doesn’t quite look like it was scratched in there with a kitten’s claw—that deep middle section in particular looks designed to produce a hearty scar. After the jump, we see this gentleman’s back two months into the healing process, and a hearty scar it is.

It’s a little uneven in parts, but again, this is still relatively early as far as healing is concerned, and hey, we think it’s worthy of documentation either way in the interest of keeping track of scar progression. Hopefully more updates will follow.

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17 thoughts on “Garnished the Heavens

  1. I always like scar designs that are swirly and not too geometric or realistic (like portraits), because uneven lines don’t look half as bad in a design like this instead of a rectangle or the outlines of a face. The unevenness makes it seem more alive I suppose, which is part of the charm of scarification, imo P:

  2. Is that a star of david in the middle? Also, it looks like he tried a similar/same design before, but it didn’t scar like he wanted it to, so he did it again. But I’m really curious about the star, and whether or not he’s going to have it redone to show up better.

  3. Is it just me or does that look horrifically deep.

    people need to learn to walk before they run, it really bothers me that modblog has started featuring so much work that highlights poorly executed procedures. This used to be a place that featured high quality work consistently. Now there is a good deal of great work featured, but more and more low quality work seems to be finding it’s way to being posted. When was the last time anybody saw skin removal done by a REPUTABLE artist that looked so jacked.

    modblog, for the sake of our industry step up the quality control, or you’ll have as big a hand in the industry’s downfall as the people putting this low quality work out there, maybe more as now every halfwit want-to-be scarification artist that does a skin removal piece that looks this poorly done feels they’ve met the modblog standard.

  4. This will probably not even get posted, but I absolutely agree with ‘me’, no selfrespecting artist would be proud of this. It has to be said, but where are all the amazing pieces hiding like Shanon used to post?! (yes, I said the ‘s’-word)

  5. 11-
    While this cutting doesn’t exactly look top notch, I think you have a selective memory of the content that was on Modblog years back. I remember seeing stuff I was truly ashamed of being associated with. This is just a poorly done cutting….

  6. actually this is not a poorly done cutting this is a
    cutting done over a scarification piece that was done with a tattoo machine with no Ink in it. So actually it looks great.. come on guys judge less

  7. Shawn: I have to say I might have been too blunt with my initial reaction, but it’s just that I haven’t seen a good cutting on here in quite some time.. there are so many amazing scarification artists out there that it almost seems insultulting in a way. Yes it’s just a poorly done cutting, but why post it when it clearly is?

    Though I can only agree I’ve seen more than enough horrible stuff beeing featured In the past few years, maybe i’m just beeing sentimental..

  8. #13…
    I think I judge just the right amount. Some people call it critique.
    You think it looks great. I think it looks poorly done.
    You’re judging too; you’re just happy with your verdict.
    Just saying.

  9. I admit, this design did turn out more uncertain than I was hoping. Though it still is pretty new, I’m having thoughts on how to improve it. Yeah, Lilee, the star was a test done with an inkless tattoo gun. When the serpents were done the same, they healed almost completely, so it was re-cut, like Cat Man said. That most likely affected the healing, as well as the area of consistently stretching back-skin.
    Perhaps next time there will be more professionally-done photos – most of the awesome features are quite tasteful in appearance. These photos where done on a whim, poor lighting, etc.
    I love the work, as well as the experience, and I’m eager to improve upon it.

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