The Reindeer Effect

Oh Jesus Christ. The last time we saw Josh, he was about to murder us with an ax, as he is wont to do. Well, this monstrous beast has returned, and he is just terrorizing the Crystal Lake campers, or something, as captured by intrepid photographer Dave Barnhouser of 13th Hour Photography. Barnhouser, by the way, has a gallery opening at Gallery 788 (788 Washington Blvd., Baltimore, MD) on October 1 from 6-9 p.m. This will surely be, if nothing else, a testament to his immeasurable bravery. More shots of your friendly neighborhood ax-murderer, after the jump.

28 thoughts on “The Reindeer Effect

  1. Horror is the most fun genre! Everybody needs to stop being so uptight…….

    And that first pic is crazy scary!

  2. Yea seriously whats with the hate. I think the pix look pretty awesome. That guy is one scare looking fucker. I don’t think there would be as much fear in the pictures if he was holding a guy…

  3. I bet if the woman were a black man you’d call accuse them of racism.
    So take yourselves down a peg and stop pulling shit out of your asses.

  4. the violence against women is because this guy is basically a horror movie villain. what the hell do you expect? bunch of blonde dipshit teens-and-twenties getting jacked up for 2 hours at a time; that’s what.

  5. @5, haven’t you ever seen a horror movie? The women are always being chased so they can scream their lungs out… By the look of his pictures he is really going for that genre. (Not being rude)

    I really like the water picture but in my meaningless opinion there is just a little too much muskgrass on his noggin.


  6. You guys are lame… honestly. I HIGHLY doubt these pictures were taken against her will – it’s simply a photoshoot. Take the stick out.

    I happen to like the pictures and find them artistic.

  7. Artistically speaking, they aren’t very good. The lighting is not that great, and the editing isn’t wonderful. I like the theme, but a lot of these could be fixed with better design aspects and less “bad horror-movie” editing. Shots involving people getting brutally murdered need less effects! Stick with the needless violence, and don’t mess with them too much.

  8. I agree that it looks like it’s going for a sort of horror movie feel, not so much blatant misogyny.

    However, overall they just aren’t very good photographs, it seems like the artist was just trying too hard, and they basically look like stills from a movie or something.

  9. Dude. These aren’t too shocking as photographs, but in terms of relevance, they don’t do to well. The just look like stills from a B grade horror movie.
    The last photo doesn’t show any mods, just alot of contrast and a mostly submerged guy.
    I’d rather have an average quality photo of your mods, rather than something dramatic and irrelevant.

  10. I’d rather have an average quality photo of your mods, rather than something dramatic and irrelevant.


    Yes, please!

  11. i doubt that this entire shoot was concocted to be an elaborate showcase for their mods so that they could send it in to BME and get modblogged. so the fact that their mods aren’t the focus is not surprising, because i doubt that was their goal.
    they probably just did the photoshoot, thought it looked cool, and decided to send it in. simple as that.

    i’m also guessing that this was a photoshoot that was DESIGNED to look like horror movie stills, so that’s the entire point.
    I’m surprised at the number of people here who seem to be completely oblivious to the genre.

    and misogyny? seriously? i’m not even going to begin to address that one.

    the photos are wonderfully done, beautiful, and i love them.

    i pity anyone who ever gets modblogged.

  12. You guys, these shots are great. Maybe they don’t show the mods very well, but I’m telling you they are not misogynistic, and they are not crap in terms of photography.

    The lighting is superb, the editing doesn’t take any information away, and in each shot the composition cannot be improved. Just can’t. That first one is pulled in rather tight, and what does that do? It amplifies the “horror” element seen in the “victim’s” face. It’s cramped juuuuuust enough.

    And that last one? The vignetting focuses the eye, and the lighting suggests just enough movement to make the viewer seem the target. Yet the gaze of the “monster” doesn’t break through the 4th wall. These are good shots.

    And honestly, these are misogynistic? How? Because the “victim” is female? I don’t see any attacks on a generalized gender role or any suggestion that it’s her femininity that makes her a victim. In fact, I don’t even see her as helpless because of any of this. In fact, there’s every bit as much misandry in the shots as misogyny if you’re going to suggest that because the “monster” is male that it’s commentary on masculinized gender roles.

  13. jessemoya, it’s clear you know NOTHING about photography. these pictures are a terrible excuse for photography.

  14. since WHEN is modblog a place for “average quality photo(s) or mods”?!?!
    that is what the bmezine galleries are for: user submitted, average photos, usually closeups of specific mods.
    i’d like to direct you back to an entry from when shannon posted 99% of the entries on modblog, of well-edited, aesthetically appealing photos which did not always make the mod the most important aspect.
    the link speaks for itself. if you’d like to look at average pics of mods in particular, feel free to browse the bmezine galleries and GTFO my modblog.

    ranting aside, very good concept behind these photos, and if they were intended to look like horror movies stills, then they do a good job.

  15. I love all the PC “this is misogynistic” crap, it horribly entertaining. These are photos….art, nothing more, get over it. Plus they add some variety to ModBlog and give some attention to someone who was a part of the online mod community before BME even existed. Josh is a goddamn teddy bear and I think the world would be pressed to find someone who treats women better than him in real life. The people taking offense to this form of art are really no better than the jackasses who judge us based purely on our modification choices.

  16. thank you, sean (and the others with kind words). definitely going for a b-movie still look. just a small update: dave sold 7 pieces at the opening. thanks for posting these, jordan.

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