Risk Anything

Good afternoon, ModBloggers! Let’s kick off our Thursday with this handsome young man, who submitted this picture on the condition of anonymity. (Or he just didn’t feel like including his name, either way.) The anti-eyebrow with a curved barbell isn’t something we see so much these days (often for good reason), but hey, this fella’s seems to be doing alright for the time being, so bully for him, right?

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23 thoughts on “Risk Anything

  1. with the right cheek structure, proper piercing, and damn good aftercare, a curved barbell anti-eyebrow is a viable long term thing…
    i pierced my tattoo artist’s antieyebrow almost 5 years ago with a 16g, when i was first set loose by my mentor after my apprenticeship… it’s been fine, not even a mild hint of a rejection…

    wont work for everybody, or most… but on some, it does fine…

    this one looks good…

  2. oh fuck. crying “scene” this early? he just looks like a young kid with a bunch of perfectly happy piercings. besides, at the end of the day, who the fuck cares what he’s into? its not okay to rip on someone, whether they be anonymous, or beloved member of this community…

  3. Yum…pretty.
    plus, beautiful piercings to boot! Oh my, he is to die for. I’ll take him to go, kthanks.

  4. Ha, sort of like a pierced mustache. I am not really into it, but hey its not my face!
    If he likes it thats all that really matters.

  5. Common people, stop judging this kid by his looks, isn’t that what this site is about, finding a home within the community of body mod fanatics? You know you hate it when you’re out on the streets, piercings in, tattoos showing, and someone automatically assumes that you are a no-good, worthless, pile of a failure of a person.
    / end rant

    OT: I think the piercings are awesome, wish I had that much commitment…. maybe when I’m older

  6. ummm i do not photoshop my pictures at all. just for the record. i submitted this cause i wasn’t sure whether it would actually go through. but if you think im fake or something, im not. i dont photoshop at all. add my myspace and see: myspace.com/zombiegutsandgore

  7. This is my sexy amazing Boyfriend Andrew Scott Mangulab***<3. he’s fucking amazing, im so excited and proud to see that my baby is on here. he is shear perfection and i love him with my entire heart. ((our daughter loves his piercings hahaha))

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