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A few points of interest, folks! First up, a journalist from scenic London, Ontario’s Gazette student newspaper is looking for people to interview:

The Gazette—student newspaper at the university of Western Ontario, Canada—is searching for individuals to profile on body modification. If you have a piercing, tattoo, microdermal, scarification or other form of body modification you’d like to share please contact [email protected]. Specifically, we’re compiling photos and stories of your favourite pieces and investigating the wide-ranging community and mindsets behind the art of body modification.

Next up, David Vidra (of Health Educators) passes along, by way of Lexci Million, the following information regarding the FDA’s recent decision to disallow the sale of various Care-Tech products, including Techni-Care, often used by body modification professionals and in the health care industry:

Please be advised that this matter is in lawyer’s hands and some information cannot be made public as of yet. Rest assured we will have access to our preferred Care-Tech products very soon and shouldn’t worry about the quality of Care-Tech’s products.

Care-Tech® Laboratories, Inc. Suspends Manufacturing and Distribution of OTC Drug Products

ST. LOUIS, MO, September 14, 2009/ – - Care-Tech® Laboratories, Inc. announces that it has suspended manufacturing and distribution of its drug products to address concerns raised by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Specifically, the FDA has informed Care-Tech® that it believes the company’s over-the-counter (OTC) drug products have not been manufactured, processed, packed, and held consistent with current good manufacturing practice for drugs, which makes them presumptively adulterated under the law, even where, as here, no finished product has been found to be defective. FDA also has informed Care-Tech® that it believes these products do not conform to an OTC drug monograph, and so are considered unapproved drugs. Accordingly, Care-Tech® has agreed to suspend manufacturing and distribution of our drug products until we have fully resolved these concerns. Care-Tech® has already taken significant steps to address the issues FDA has brought to our attention, and we are working closely with agency officials to ensure any remaining issues are resolved as expeditiously as possible.

Neither FDA nor Care-Tech® is aware of any reports of injury or illness related to the use of these products, and FDA has not requested that previously distributed product be recalled. “The company is committed to ensuring that each of its products reflects the highest standards of safety and purity,” says John C. Brereton, President. “For over 100 years, patient safety has been Care-Tech® Laboratories’ first and foremost commitment. And I can assure you, it remains so today.”

The company intends to update its customers as further information becomes available.

And lastly, the BME Scholarship is now open for donations for the coming year! Visit for all the details. And hey, while you’re at it, why not take a peek at Sidra‘s winning essay from this year, or re-read this interview with previous winner Diego.

7 thoughts on “BME News and Notes

  1. Consumers should contact Care-Tech at 1-800-325-9681 to return products in their possession, which include:

    sounds like a recall to me…

  2. Anna, do you think it’s really neccesary to return products even though they have not found any defective final products? Doesn’t sound like anything too serious or I think they would have mentioned adverse effects, etc.

  3. yeah, i mean, they’re ASKING people to send stuff back, but i really don’t think it’s necessary. it’s a problem with how things are classed or labeled, not a problem with the product itself. if they still have supplies at unimax, i’m picking some up tomorrow.

  4. I’ve talked to Care-Tech. the issues seem to be from the set up of their manufacturing plant, NOT the products. They had to sign an agreement with the FDA just to get a copy of the complaint and find out what they needed to change, which they’re fully willing to.
    It would seem that they’ve upset some of the bigger med manufactures by being a smaller company with superior products. So those big companies used their influence to fuck with the little guy by placing complaints with the fda.
    Techni Care and Satin should be back in production by December with berri- Care and Tech 2000 to shortly follow. And this is something worth wild to pray for.
    Don’t return anything use it, their products are sold out everywhere. their stuff rules!! And if people who want to get rid of it let me know, I have people needing Berri-Care, Satin Soap and Tech 2000 right now!!!

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