That Whooshing Sound

And finally, dear ModBloggers, let’s conclude our broadcast day with Marcus Boykin (a.k.a The Creature), an Encino-based body piercer and tattoo artist (at In The Pain Tattoo in Echo Park and Youruba Tattoos in East L.A.) and budding sideshow performer with the Venice Beach Freak Show, where he plays the role, fittingly, of “the tattooed man” under the name Dark Harmony Tattoo. Now, obviously, some of his work may be less than ideal compared to a lot of what we feature on here—we can’t really recommend the depth and placement of many of those piercings, for example—so…what’s the deal, then?

Well, imperfect as some of his body modifications may be, what you see here is almost entirely do-it-yourself—not only in terms of piercings, but Marcus estimates that at least 85-percent of his tattoo work was also done by himself. “The mirror was my best friend,” he says. When asked what the hardest parts to get to were, he responds with a litany: “My face, backs of my arms, chest, insides of my legs, neck, torso and sides, feet, head…pretty much everything. Even my eyelids and nose were super hard to do.” That…is not particularly surprising. He’s been piercing himself for eight years and tattooing himself for six, and, ostensibly, has no plans to stop. Body modification can be pleasant when it’s at its most pristine, but for some people, there’s a drive that goes beyond aesthetics, and that certainly seems to be the case here. Whether or not it appeals to you personally, the man has a vision, and he’s sticking to it. It’s pretty damn interesting at the very least. More after the jump.

42 thoughts on “That Whooshing Sound

  1. Um, doing your piercings yourself (especially if he’s a “professional”) no excuse for those. Not only is the jewelry choice in almost everything extremely poor, they’re soooo shallow.

  2. whats with all the criticism? i think a lot of his work is legit, especially considering its diy. just sayin i’d take his torso ;] stay real marc

  3. Those bridge piercings sure are interesting to say the least.

    As long as he likes them, that is all that matters.

    Keep on keepin’ on dude!

  4. Wow, #13, cant understand ya.

    This Post is Awesome.
    And He is talented – anyone that says that’s garbage needs to tattoo themselves in maybe one of the random difficult spots he’s hit.

    You know, for a challenge.

  5. I think the tattoos work in a weird way, and if he wants to DIY, good for him. I’ve done it – it is a pretty awesome feeling. The fact he pierces and tattoos other people though… I just hope what he does on himself doesn’t reflect what he does as a professional artist DX

  6. It just goes to show that placement and execution do not have to be PERFECT to be beautiful. He obviously put a lot of time and effort into his mods and they make him happy. Isn’t that the point?

  7. He obviously loves his mods and that’s what matters really.

    I think hats off to him for doing all those awkward places himself.

    He looks fun :)

  8. As a professional piercer, every now and then it’s good for me to see something like this. My life is devoted to doing things the “correct” way, to adhering to an image of what “good” piercings look like. I maintain very strict standards for myself and my work. However, I like to be reminded that while my work and efforts, and those of many other piercers, are legitimate and admirable, that we aren’t here to police the idea of right or wrong for individuals. For me to tell this person that his mods are bad or ugly, is just as bad as the judgment many of us receive for our decorations from the mainstream community. While I don’t promote the idea of DIY mods personally, I think it’s important that we all remember to embrace each other and our different ideas. And thanks to BME for unbiased coverage of such individuals. Its what this community needs.

  9. This is what body modification is all about.

    Everyone above with comments about aesthetics need to come off their high horse, grow the fuck up, and understand that body modification IS NOT about ‘looking good for someone else.’ What the fuck is wrong with you people?

    I think he’s absolutely beautiful.

  10. looks like he likes to have fun. be it piercing, tattooing, longboarding or breakdancing. yay for modblog portraying people enjoying themselves.

  11. i like it, cos he has done it for him and to be frank what does it matter what the rest of you think they are on him not you.

  12. I’m sorry but I have learned through experience that an artist’s apperance is usually a good indicator of the quality of work they put out. And consdering that the work on him is his portfoleo, I would think that this guy is no more than a hack. If he wants to do that to him slef, more power to him but theres not a snow balls chance in hell I would let this guy get near me with any type of needle – period.

  13. first, everyone who said this dude is legit has got it right. He’s livin for himself and none of the normal standards. Second, look at his myspace for examples of his work, it’s not as bad as you think.

  14. first, let me say that this man is WONDERFUL!! His work is his passion! He has more talent in his little pinky then most of you who are HATING will ever have in your life!!!!! You judge him for his art but only see what you think you know about….you had better be about it and KNOW about it b4 u hate it!!!

    second, he has the lightest touch I have ever felt in my life under a needle….i doubt that any of you who call yourselfs artists has ever had any client say that about you. Please get a life and stop hating on someone who has a true passion for their art!

  15. I have nothing against the whole diy thing he has going one but…
    if your idea of “not as bad as you think” is blow out shaky lines, poor composition, and poor shading.
    you clearly have no idea what a good clean tattoo looks like.

  16. Tamera and Andy- I’m not sure if you’re retarded or not, but there is a good chance that you are. That’s really great you respect this guy for “being himself” but his portfolio is shit, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

  17. he’s so awesome. and so is his hat.
    now, i’d like to see all you haters do a better job of peircing and tattooing yourselves than this guy did.
    since you’re all so damn perfect.

    Marcus is the man.

  18. most of he “bad placed piercings” are surface, which means after a while they push out most of the time, he doesn’t look extremely young,therefor he probably had those ” shitty piercings” for a while and hasn’t had a reason or need to redo them. and unless someone has been tattooed by him i don’t think they should say he is a bad tattooist.

  19. wtf is up with all the haters? Who cares if they look shitty? WHOS BODY IS HE DOING IT TO? HIS OWN? WOW!…. shut the fuck up and get over the fact that he isn’t scared to try shit out on himself. And he obviously doesnt give a fuck what y’all think, so get the fuck over yourselves you stuck up cunts. GOD. SOME FUCKING PEOPLE………

  20. just met this cat today and he is fucking cool as hell…as far as tattoing…its hard to find cool talented cts to show you things i know this for real. maybe he just needs some one to really show him whats up get his machines hittin right. all i know he is awesome in my books. now me i do some work been at it working on a decade it takes some time and he obviously had more to focus on then just inking.give the guy a break we will see where he goes from here though.

  21. oh and stop being judgmental haters to each their own right aint that the body mod lifestyle?

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