As We Two Are One

And finally, fair ModBloggers, let’s end on this single-point forearm suspension courtesy of Brian Wood at Liberty Tattoo Company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, who last submitted this handsome scarification piece. We suspect this was not a particularly lengthy suspension, but hey, this gentleman stayed up long enough to get a picture off at least, potentially impending arm-related doom notwithstanding. And while you all go off to bed, just remember that there are folks out there risking life and limb not just for their edification, but for yours, too.

Until tomorrow, folks.

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9 thoughts on “As We Two Are One

  1. Do I detect a Queens of the Stone Age reference in the title? (Hangin’ Tree? Great fucking song.)

    This is fucking intense. Whoah.

  2. haha i love the b/g guy’s grossed out but can’t look away pose! wooop big ups to the skate ramp suspension!

  3. Hey, I know that guy! :) He always does some crazy suspensions and it’s fun to watch.. and Brian is the best guy to go to around here for body modification stuff.. this made my day!

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