A Bushy Plume

Hey, what’s that old saying again? The couple that corsets together stays together? Something like that? No? Well, at any rate, here’s another offering from SweetNausea, whose helium-induced set we featured here earlier in the week. This time around, however, we’ve got Adriaan and Shafs with piercings, yet again, by Lliezel Ellick at Wildfire Piercing in Cape Town, South Africa, and similarly photographed by Clare Foxcroft Williams.

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11 thoughts on “A Bushy Plume

  1. amazing! and impressive.
    i’d hate to know what would happen if one of them sneezed or laughed heartily

  2. Thanks for the feature again, Jordan!

    The couple were very comfortable with their corset, they didn’t have any problems with it during the shoot as it was kept quite slack to allow for them to move and change position if needs be. It was a very intimate experience, such a special and close couple.

  3. FIX YOUR GOD DAMN RSS FEED! I’m sick off it. I’ve already bitched about it through email but i haven’t received an answer. It worked fine before but for a week or so all i’ve gotten is a little text, no pics + ads. For some odd reason i do get dupicates of a few (very few) entries with the full article.

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