Surprise email from Last Rites Tattoo Theatre!

BME has been experiencing some serious email delays. We had a wicked mail server log loop that put the server down for the count. Nothing like System emails failing to be sent and then a huge circle of bounce/failure emails/bounces making it so that email isn’t the quick and tasty technological treat that it should be. We’re still working on cleaning up the gigs of emails and log files floating about so please bare with us while we get that sorted out.

Luckily though this email finally came through and I wanted to share it with you. It seems that the artists Last Rights Tattoo Theatre are having a suprise walk in only day! This includes all of their artists as well as Paul Booth! This is your chance to get a tattoo without having to be on the extended waiting list that all of these artists have been blessed with.While there is a typical “convention etiquette” to their event, with a “first come first served” and 3 hour appointment limits as someone who shared a booth with Paul Booth back in 1999, I can tell you I’ve watched him free hand sketch and draw a full forearm tattoo a few short hours! You’ll be bound to get a tattoo to remember at this event! Don’t forget to check out the Vimby video posted about Paul Booth right here on BME.


Last Rites Tattoo Theatre presents its first ever Creep-In Day on Halloween!

Saturday, October 31st, 12pm-12am
Last Rites Tattoo Theatre,
511 W. 33rd Street,  3rd floor,
New York, NY 10001.
Find more information at

(New York, NY) Last Rites Tattoo Theatre is celebrating the Halloween season by showing a return of support to all Last Rites friends, family and fans. With their first ever Creep-In Day, dedicated fans and collectors receive a rare opportunity to be tattooed spontaneously without an appointment at the infamous Last Rites Tattoo Theatre… and on Halloween to boot! Along with Paul Booth himself, the Last Rites family of masterful artists will take in the haunting energy of Halloween, Last Rites style, and produce stunning tattoo art on a first-come-first-serve basis! Paul will even be venturing out from his private lair and tattooing in the family crypt making the day an awesome “meet&greet” opportunity for Fans and Clients alike! In addition to this overdose of high energy freehand tattooing from 12 to 12, the day includes visual stimuli such as live painting sessions featuring Esao Andrews, Vincent Castiglia, Fred Harper, Dan Quintana, David Stoupakis, and Genevive Zacconi. ArtFusion Experiment collaborative painting performances by notable Tattoo Artists such as Paul Acker, Goethe, Juan Selgado, Jesse Smith, and more! An ArtFusion canvas will be open for the public to paint as well! The Film Chapel will be rolling Paul’s personal Horror movie picks continuously day and night. And of course, costumes are welcome and encouraged! And last but not least, the day will end at 11:59pm followed by a traditional Last Rites “Kool-Aid” Toast to bring in the Witching Hour.

Please read on for special details…
Paul Booth and Crew will be following normal protocol used for conventions and touring. This means one-sitting freehand style work with an approx. 3 hour time limit on a piece. If you are looking to start a multiple sitting project such as a sleeve or backpiece, then this is not a day for such. Our best advice to you is to give our accomplished artists your theme and trust them with the artistic freedom to run with it for you. 3 hours can get a good sized piece done so don’t let the time issue concern you. We do this to be fair to everyone that desires Last Rites Art. We also suggest getting here earlier than opening time if you are really serious about getting work. The doors will open at 12 noon and anyone behaving overly aggressive, intoxicated or under the influence of drugs will not be tolerated. This event will be filmed for an upcoming Last Rites DVD so costumes are encouraged but not mandatory!

  • Meet and Greet the artists and fellow clients all day and night
  • Crazy Performers will be unearthing themselves throughout the day for everyone’s twisted amusement.
  • Food, Drink and visual stimuli all day long… No Cover! Costumes Welcome!

“We want to show our fans our true appreciation for their support, by allowing them the opportunity to avoid the waiting list… and get tattooed convention style. I have been spending quite a bit of time here at home focusing on my larger projects and I find myself occasionally missing the road. Now I can sort of go on tour without leaving home and get a good dose of that convention energy I have come to know so well. I have always liked the idea of bringing our fans together to meet each other as they have always shown a strong like-mindedness. This is why I want to make it a meet & greet day as well.”

~ Paul Booth ~

[email protected]

If you’re one of the few who is smart and gets there early, please send in photos! If I was in NYC still, I’d be lined up just to see the madness! If you can’t get tattooed, it sounds like they’re making it worth the trip out so put this on your calendar!

28 thoughts on “Surprise email from Last Rites Tattoo Theatre!

  1. No cover? As in u don’t have to pay to go in? I hope there won’t be a lot of people lurking. I will def try to save up some money for this.

  2. “You’ll be bound to get a tattoo to remember at this event!” I’d hate to get a tattoo that I’d forget about. Every time I’d see it I’d get all freaked out and wonder where it came from.

  3. Dear Modblog. As of today, you have officially lost a very very long time visitor. I will no longer write to you, I will no longer be witness to the horrible neglect that I’ve seen on this site since it’s previous owner was usurped. I won’t recommend this site to anyone I know as in the coming years and months, I doubt anything would really change. I used to be able to come on here and read..yes, READ articles and interviews that were in fact pretty damn informative. No more, there might be the occasional boob shot that everyone can appreciate, but that’s about it. Sure, people can get tattoos or piercings, but anything beyond that is probably never going to be on this site again. It’s not easy Modblog, it really isn’t, but I’d rather save myself the trouble and frustration of looking at a stagnant throw away of a website and just watch reruns of LA ink which, while I’d usually rather eat stale toast than do, in a lot of ways is probably less aweful than this website has been to sum everything up, and I know many will agree, a major and total letdown. Sick or not, at school or at home, it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to sit down at a computer, get a nice hot cup of coffee, browse through say 50 pictures submitted during the night while you were asleep, and post one up with perhaps a witty remark at the bottom to remind everyone that there is a person posting that picture, not a carefully planned computer program. See you later Modblog, I’ll be looking for your name in the obituaries.

  4. Haha Rachel’s in with that Kim chick from LA Ink anyways. It’s just one big dead-eyed and souless machine.

  5. I like how “in the know” you guys are.
    How you throw around “usurped” and who Rachel is “in with”.
    I wish I was that cool.

  6. Seriously? Stop throwing your toys out the pram.

    People have lives beyond the internet; if it’s really causing you that much ‘trouble and frustration’ that ModBlog isn’t updated every hour then maybe you need to have a think about finding one.

  7. Last Rites for Walk ins? We had to be in such a worldwide crisis to have the pleasure of getting tattooed by those guys in less than a year waiting…

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