17 thoughts on “Baby I said shut your mouth.

  1. I want to see another angle of this or maybe a close up. I’m interested to see how many they got through her lips.

  2. Why? Oh wait, I’m gonna get flamed on for asking this… Fuck it.

    What is the point when it gets pulled out in 20 minutes? Art? Experience? Clearly I am a troglodyte who judges others, indulge my troll-ier natures.

  3. @DS3M

    Although your guesses were probably spot on (Art, Experience), my question to you is why not? I think it’s important for you to recognize her right to do as she wishes, reguardless of the why. She shared this with us so we can appreciate it for our own “why”, a gift from a stranger. Appriciate it for that, spend less time wondering why and more allowing yourself to use your own why’s to be you while you let the rest of us be us.

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