I Borrowed It

Oof. So this poor guy was just hanging out in Moscow, Russia, minding his own business and maybe doing some sweet tricks on his BMX when he (apparently) had a pretty phenomenal bail and did some devastating structural damage to one of his 40 mm. lobes. Ugh. Do you see why your editor just stays inside all the time? Sure, we are likely dealing with a number of preventable vitamin deficiencies due to our lack of sunlight, but the chances of this happening? Very, very slim. This guy, though? Didn’t bitch and complain, just stiff-upper-lipped it and got that son of a bitch sewn right back up. Shots of a simpler pre-bail life, as well as post-reconstructing, after the jump. Best of luck healing, good sir.

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21 thoughts on “I Borrowed It

  1. Wow! That was brutal. Looks like the state of the tissue is already looking a lot better though. Hope it heals up well for him :)

  2. One of my biggest fears…mainly as i lack the funds for the reconstruction heh.

    looks like it was sewn very nicely though!

  3. Being a bmxer with 56mm lobes this really freaks me out. Poor kid, looks like a good fix though.

  4. Hi fellas, I am totally sure that the guy enjoyed the whole thing, cos he shows a pretty calm face in the pic after the Bail!! grettings!

  5. I definitely have those plugs in the second pictureeee hahaha. I love bmx boys, this one is sexyy. the first picture made my ears hurt terribly though :(

  6. No offense, man, but that’s fucking disgusting.

    I had a dream last night that my lobes ribbed..I was so relieved when I woke up and felt them still intact.
    Good luck healing.

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