Good Morning, ModBlog!

We hate to be Debbie Downer here, but we have to say, as much as we love these underwater photos of Milk (sent in by Spring, we’re just not convinced of the efficacy of that thickness of rope as any sort of flotation device. We mean, it looks wonderful, and we’re certainly excited by the news that Midori is now ostensibly offering swimming lessons, but safety first, alright? At any rate, feel free to click through to remove that conveniently placed starfish, and hey! There’s even more after the jump.

It’s Friday, ModBloggers—and it’s a big one.

See more in Spring’s Sex Slave Milk (BME/HARD Bonus Galleries) (members only)

22 thoughts on “Good Morning, ModBlog!

  1. that’s certainly a lot of decorating for the nether region. i feel like it would be difficult to get stuff done down there with all the metal in the way….?

  2. I doubt that the buoyancy of the ropes would help much, as she seems to have some weights already attached to her. (Cue the rimshot.)

    But yeah. I couldn’t help but notice the penii..? Penes..? Penises?

    The friggin’ phallic shaped charms on her jewelry.

    Plus, I request more ropes.

  3. areku: Check out the IAM page, there are plenty of ropes.

    ZombieJihad: I agree, I doubt she has any control over it at all.

  4. Someone is bringing back the fucking fetish!

    I understand that obviously this is some extreme modification. I know everyone involved in this website is not always into this sort of stuff, but man you have to admit it is pretty impressive. Not to mention the dedication this takes to accomplish.

    I am impressed.

  5. Ahum, impressive, really impressive, I mean, we are talking stretched labia here… did I say impressive?
    But maybe a tad uncomfortable?

    @Minatol and ZombieDude: WTF, are you suggesting she’s… ehr, leading an… alternative lifestyle of sorts?

  6. my english keeps worsening, sorry.

    have some pity for a poor third world guy.

  7. Aaww… that’s some type of raccoon fish or butterfly fish swimming near the coral! As well as some damsels of some sort I think… How cute!!!

    …. oh… wait… piercings, bondage… LOL those too ;o)

  8. Zombie jihad and that other wanker: I’m really betting she has a pretty big say in the matter. Just because you’re in a bdsm possibly d/s relationship doesn’t mean you suddenly lose all of your say as to what happens in your life or rights as a human. Fuck you both.

  9. Wow! I’m impressed to see these pair of labias ö

    I’m not goin’ to to argue about the fact if she can be eaten out easy or not (MissCherry ^^) or if having sex with her is a problem or not.

    Funny thing is, she has larger stretched labias than a lot of people their lobes =P

    Think about it…

  10. now she might feel how guys feel with having a set btw there legs haha im kidding tht is amazing and 17 is right they might be bigger then some randoms ear lobes
    that is amazzzzzing

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