One More Thing…

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I was first hired by BME in early 2005 and spent the better part of the year living with the team in La Paz, Mexico. Before moving there, I had never been on a plane, nor had I ever had the chance to write professionally. I got the job largely on the strength of this interview with Keith Alexander, who became an immediate inspiration and mentor. At the time, I could have never imagined I would also write a memorial to him eight months later.

Being involved with BME has changed my life in many fundamental ways, and the experiences I’ve had and the friendships I’ve gained make it difficult to announce that this will be my last post as a BME staff member. No hard feelings and no drama whatsoever—just a trip that’s run its course. We had a lot of good times, some tumultuous periods, and one hero who started calling him- or herself “anti-ginsberg,” which, hey—if nothing else, some of you folks have helped me develop a thick skin I never thought I’d grow, and whether you appreciate it or not, that’s worthy of some kind of thanks.

My eternal thanks, gratitude and friendship go out to Phil Barbosa, who has been as exemplary a friend and colleague as I could have ever asked for, to say nothing of the joy it’s been to work with Rachel, Jen, Roo, Mike, Jon, Jason and anyone else who’s been part of the team.

But this is it. I know there are plans for the site and the community, and I look very forward to seeing where this is all taken. Hopefully, I did my part to help make things not suck for at least a little while. And hey, for old time’s sake, here are some things you may have missed:

- My feature story on Buck Angel, one of my all-time favorite things I’ve ever written.

- Do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast with the great Perk900, live on the scene in Las Vegas for APP.

- These profiles of Shawn Barber and Kim Saigh.

- The DongBlog tag, start to finish, until the end of time, amen.

- BME’s Big Question was never not a good read.

- You were all very patient to put up with ModBlog Fan-Fiction.

- Rob Spence is one of the coolest motherfuckers alive.

- Bob Roberts is a gentleman and a scholar.

- And finally…Spidey-Cock.

And that’s it! It has been an absolute pleasure, my friends. I’ll try to stop in occasionally, but until then, have fun, stay safe and, of course, thank you for your continued support of BME. Fare thee well.

46 thoughts on “One More Thing…

  1. Jordan! Fuck bro its been a pleasure reading your articles every day for a really long time now.

    Sad to see-ya go, although some people of late might not of liked your writing style im sure you could run a very successful blog of your own(you remind me of a modded version of the Geekologie dude ;) )

    I hope your leaving with a smile knowing alot of people did appreciate your work.

    Thanks for your time! Keep us updated with what your doing in the future!

  2. AWE!!! I’ll miss you Jordan and your fantastical BME fanfiction!!! Your posts were a true pleasure to read!!!

  3. Noooo!
    I’m genuinely going to miss your hilarious articles.
    I’m quite gutted tbh!

  4. I’ll definitely miss reading your corny jokes jordan.
    definitely kept me entertained and your absence will be noticed.

  5. I will be missing the corny jokes as well. Best I can do is hope everything goes well for you, Jordan.

  6. I’m a lurker for the most part… but I’ll miss you, Jordan. Best of luck in whatever you decide to do.

  7. Best of luck on any and all of your future endeavors. At least maintain your IAM journal? It’d be strange at this point to not read at least the occasional rant. Fly with ease.

  8. I will indeed miss the cheese.

    Hopefully there are regular posts still. You are a good blogger! Good luck in your future exploits. =]

  9. Yes, Jordan is/was a great blogger for Modblog. He sustained all the bitchy-ness that is Modblog for longer than most!

  10. Genuinely sad to see you go… I hope it’s because life holds new things for you, not because of all the shit you had to put up with here!
    Enjoy your new adventures!! x

  11. Awe, this is sad. I’ve always liked your posts, and the haters will definitely wish you hadn’t gone when the next writer doesn’t meet their insane, un-meetable criteria, either. Good luck in whatever you’re up to next!

  12. Jordan,
    The best of luck wherever life takes you. I’ve read a lot of your stuff and thoroughly enjoyed most of it. You’re quite a writer.
    À l’avenir!

    ~John H.~

  13. Sorry, didn’t mean to sound like a twat in my comment (i.e. “thoroughly enjoyed most of it”) :-/ That came out wrong!

  14. geez, jordan, just because we don’t comment enough doesn’t mean we don’t love you. i’ll miss you.

  15. It’s a shame to see you go, Jordan! I’ve enjoyed your quirky posts, Modblog fan fiction, and silly puns. You kept a great deal of levity in the face of haters, and that certainly does take a thick skin. All the best in the future! May the roads rise up to meet you, and the wind always be at your back.

  16. Oh no, I’ll miss you and your writing! Hope you’ll be happy with the path your life takes now. I wish you all the best!

  17. Jordan, I hope that you can get yourself another writing gig. It is your writing that makes modblog and you are very talented. Maybe your talents are wasted on modblog, after all there is a world beyond the limited canvas that is people’s bodies. Perhaps you should be in the business of helping others craft weblogs that people want to return to day in, day out. Regardless of the subject some things remain the same and you have got the transferable skills in the content creation area.
    I will miss you and probably modblog too.

  18. Well… Can’t say I was much of a fan – corny jokes at even the most inappropriate topics are not really my favorite style. But nonetheless – all the best for your own as well as modblog’s future!

  19. Jordan, my friend, it has been a long strange trip and as sorry as I am to see you go, I know that you will be successful in anything you plan to do next. I am so glad that I got to know you and can consider you a friend. Your writing is stellar and you have left giant shoes to fill. I look forward to reading your work outside of the BME realm. I would wish you good luck but you don’t need it!

  20. You Suck Jordan! I was going to write something earlier but it was difficult to see through all the tears.
    I will say it has been a honor and thrill to work with such a talented/dedicated individual and loyal friend. The hope is your successor will have as equally thick skin, a fond appreciation for men with hearty beards as well as an iron clad stomach to process coming installments of “guess what/DongBlog”.
    Not to mention size 13 EEE will be some big shoes to fill!

  21. don’t let the bastards get you down, jordan. i really appreciate you keeping me entertained with each new post. it was always something to look forward to. here’s hoping that the next is as successful in consistently posting what i want to see/read. thanks for all you’ve done with modblog. sad to see you go! feel free to send me a personal email with whatever pun you feel would be suitable for each update :)

  22. I’ll miss your articles a lot, my friend.
    It’s no secret that I didn’t love the cheeky/pithy modblog posts, but when you put on your writing cap, I always read and reread every word. Best of luck with what comes next!

  23. is there anyone else having bad trouble loggig in on iam ? cause i can login but when i want to go to my page or main page it logs out immediatly …

  24. Jordan,
    WOW! I hope that life is taking you to a good place. I wanted to thank you for the interview it was amazing and I had so many people tell me they loved it. It was really great spending that time with you.
    Hope we stay in contact!
    Buck Angel

  25. Good luck in whatever you’ll be doing, I’m sure you’ll do it well.
    Thanks for everything you’ve done to make BME great. :)

  26. Your articles where expertly written and i did enjoy them. I feel you where getting alot of the blame for the drastic change from Shannon to Roo to Yourself, you did it well it was just a huge change. Good job and i hope you find something else.

  27. This is my 1st post here. but definitely worth writing. I have always enjoyed reading your posts, you made me laugh :] I will miss you…

  28. dude… i’ve had so much fun reading your modblog posts since you took over. no one will make me laugh as hard at these pics as you do :(

  29. I want to say that I have had the biggest crush on Jordan Ginsberg since he started publishing on Modblog. I log on most days just to see what he’s got to say. He is intelligent and hilarious and I know I’m gonna miss him a lot.

  30. Oh my god! I’ll miss you! (Totally second #44)

    Please come back at some point! Or link us to a blog where we can read your new stuff!

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