Brian sent in a new photo of his most recent works our of Pure Body Arts in Brooklyn, NYC. I have to admit, this brings up scary memories of that bird movie where the birds all go crazy and peck people to death. Cover you eyes! After you get a peak at this photo of course!

Bird Scarification

20 thoughts on “Birds!

  1. He actually did this one, along with another bird scarification, at Diablo Rojo while in Austin this past week.

  2. i think the birds should have gotten less detail as they went further out, not just one have full detail and the rest have none. just me?

    nice work, though. i’m seeing this kind of thing more often.

  3. @ #4: they do have less detail as they go up, but the difference between the detail of the first one and the second one is a bit steep though.

    I fucking love this piece, I usually love the imagery of birds like this though.

  4. The whole bird silhouette idea is lovely and the detailed bird is well done.
    At first it seems out of place, but after looking at it a second time it fits quite nicely.

  5. The film with all the birds? It’s a Hitchcock film and, funnily enough, is called The Birds.
    I had a similar idea for a tattoo a while ago but didn’t know what to have at the bottom. Would like to know how it heals. =]

  6. The skin removal is too deep for my taste (not saying its bad), and it seems such a shame there’s probably going to be a lot of detail lost when it heals.

    Though, I’m hoping I’ll be proved wrong when he posts a healed shot!

  7. this is beautiful in ways i can’t even describe – i keep coming back to look at it over and over!

  8. Its very beautiful. Dont know if I would ever get something like that done myself though. But its still very lovely :)

  9. Is there a chance we could get to see a healing shot of this? I would love to see how the detailing of the bird turned out. :)

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