I’m not straightedge.

James sends in this photo of his formerly SXE tattoo that was originally done at Elgin Tattoo Studio and then modified at Rock n Roll Tattoo in Edinburgh. He wasn’t very specific on which Elgin it was done at but it’s of little consequence.


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  1. love that it looks like marker. it’s pretty cool when people re-work tattoos rather than cover over them, especially doing visible/’serious’ ones like this in a humorous way..

  2. hahaha briggden!!

    ps. Rachel, I am really enjoying these posts without Jordan’s annoying commentary. thanks so much for posting!

  3. I don’t mean to be a hater, but I am from the Elgin area and I remember everyone here in the body bod community was going through a phase of “straight edge” and XXX tattoos were so common. Suits them well for such a dumb mistake.

  4. Label yourself like a dumbass; you should continue to live looking like a dumbass. Well, you have that covered. All you need is a Warner Brothers character tattooed next to it. Dumbest thing I’ve seen all my life.

  5. im sXe i have been for 5 years now and have several sXe tattoos i think these types of tattoos should be thought out#14 Eddie Gein you are flaunt your beliefs by posting a stupid comic someone sXe kid should kick your ass

  6. if you want to promote your lifestyle, who are we to judge? i think its hilarious that his lifestyle changed and he had enough of a sense of humor to edit his tattoo as he did.

    i wish everyone who came on here had the same positive energy that this guy does, rather than criticize all the time…

  7. Eddie Gein is relevant to people who should talk less and shut the fuck up more.

    I never understand people who get tattoos of duplicate letters in “distressed” fonts and don’t realize the entire point of the “distressed” look turns into a hopping joke when the letters are identical. Also wimping bastard was obviously never truly down in the first place or he would not propagate this mongoloid joke. Kill ‘em all.

  8. i dont get why when people see edge tattoos, some say theyre bragging, or flaunting…its really no different than someone wearing a crucifix or somethin :)

    Happy Remembrance Day Canadians <3

  9. It’s better that he found a way to “fix” it when his lifestyle changed than if he were to leave it the same. I know a guy who has like, 10 edge tattoos, and isn’t edge anymore, but he refuses to acknowledge the fact that he’s not, and continues to wear his edge clothes, and flaunt his edge tattoos.

    I’ve been edge for several years now, and I have 3 edge tattoos, but the only “XXX” one is on the inside of my lip, so it’s not like anyone’s ever going to see it if I change my lifestyle. I did that on purpose because if my lifestyle changes, I don’t want to be covered in tattoos that don’t mean anything to me, but label me in a certain way.

  10. Yay, more stupid and irrelevant bickering! Oh how I love comment wars in the morning. What a great way to spend your time, arguing with people to no real end.

    So anyway, kudos to James up there on reworking a tattoo that no longer carries the same meaning! I am in a similar situation, but decided to get mine covered instead.

    +1 for Creativity :)

  11. i think my favorite thing about this tattoo is admittance and acceptance that he’s not sxe anymore. its so common to hear of people who “break edge” but im guessing that although they arent sxe anymore they still appreciate that lifestyle. if i were him though id just cover it up with some intense black work.

  12. As for edge tattoos, I have several and i never consider it flaunting my beliefs. Its like all my other tattoos, special only to me and only FOR me.

  13. I don’t get why someone would get so mad over it. The person changed and so they changed their tattoo to suit their new lifestyle. E-xxx doesn’t even denote a bad thing, it shows that they were edge, and aren’t anymore. If it had said “fuck sXe” I could understand some hate going on but it doesnt…

  14. I believe that this guy may have missed the memo that Rick Ta Life put out about “thiz shit iz fo’ life”.

    Clever, but the Straight Edge Council may disapprove.

  15. That “distressed font” is the X-Files logo, corn-hole.
    I never understand why people don’t check their facts before deciding that they know everything.

  16. And this makes it not a “distressed” font that looks silly when you duplicate the letters? Am I on candid fuckin’ camera here?

  17. at least you made a comic change, rather then going for a whole cover up, since tattoos are ment to mark changes in your life, or to show the world who you are, if your Straight Edge , you might get a Straight Edge tattoo, if you used to be Straight Edge and have a Straight Edge tattoo why not do something clever with it like this guy?

    and for all the Straight Edge kids calling him a sell out, get over yourself, not everyone is going to be or stay Straight Edge , deal with it

  18. People who think “tattoos are meant to mark changes in your life” should be catapulted into the sun. Fucking melodramatic, self-absorbed twats and mongrels. YOU need to get over yourself.

  19. I’m straightedge and always will be. I have no desire to drink whatsoever. I am also a christian. I have straightedge tattoos as well and they will never be erased. I am proud of them because everyday I see people with dumbass tattoos that don’t mean anything. Mine I actually believe in and will stay with it to the grave. People that are SXE just cus it’s a fad obviously are in it for the wrong reasons but I was straightedge before I even knew there was such term. I just choose not to do dumb things that inhibit my judgment. Tattooing is an art form unlike smoking or drinking so I don’t see how that comic holds any relevance.

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