Microdermal and Punch Sale!

It’s that time again! What time? The time where I put things on sale to help you poke holes in yourself. We’re putting all of our dermal punches and microdermals on sale for 30% off with the sale code “dermal”. Visit BMEshop

Edit: The prices of microdermals have been dropped to $10.00 each before the discount! Get them while you can!

These photos are courtesy of Sean Dowdell.





47 thoughts on “Microdermal and Punch Sale!

  1. ahhh I totally agree with #4…but for photo purposes it looks very cool. I assume one wouldn’t wear this kind of jewellery all the time.

  2. I’m confused. Are these ornate hanging thingies being advertised in the photos above even in the bme shop? I checked every category and saw no sight of them.
    And oh my, I haven’t checked the BME shop in a while…but those prices…..jeez.

  3. That stuff is just begging to be ripped out

    Also- LOL at the girl in the third photos eyebrows!

  4. They’re photos of microdermals.

    We’ve only got dermal punches and microdermals on sale. It just went along with the photo submissions.

    As far as pricing, I’ve heard a lot of comments but nobody shows me apples to apples comparisons. We only carry high quality jewelry so you can find low end stuff for cheaper but it’s not the same quality.

  5. Well, since you mentioned it, I checked three different sites which all had cheaper prices for at least 3 pairs of the Gorilla Glass products the BME shop offers. I don’t care that much to check into anything else, I just wanted to mention that the prices sort of surprised me.

  6. Regarding the jewelry being ripped out comment I wanted to clarify. Sean Dowdell of Club Tattoo was very kind to share these images with us of his and Sheena’s newest creations. The Dermal Anchors have the standard base used by Sean, however the caps and jewelry attached are magnetic. Sean Dowdell did the microdermals and Sheena Dowell did the Jewelry.

    Contact ClubTattoo.com for more details.

  7. “i have a great idea for a microdermal! lets make the rejection process faster by adding heavy cheap looking shit to the plates of our microdermals! then it increases the chances of a microdermal snagging on clothes and other shit and actually possibly ripping out! as if micrdermals arent a delicate piercing already”
    -”wow that is a really great idea, no one cares about the health of their piercing anyway, its just to look cool”

  8. the only thing i care about in this batch of pictures is the horrible photoshop done on the whites of their eyes.

  9. kristy xvx-
    If you would have taken the time to read Philip’s comment, you would have learned that the attachments are magnetic. Or maybe you could have asked about it first before being a complete ass.
    I am personally getting really sick of all the narrow minded assholes leaving absurd comments on EVERY post no matter what it is. This is a post about a jewelry SALE and all of you somehow find negative things to say! The problem here lies in you guys, not Rachel and BME. Grow the fuck up!
    Really? Finding ways to complain about a jewelry sale? Pick your battles, people!

  10. No disrespect to modblog at all, but I gotta throw in my two cents about this microdermal fiasco.

    We can thank people who create things like this (and place ads for biopsy punches in tattoo magazines) for the increasing amount of legislation the piercing industry is facing. I really wanted to leave company names out in this, but Metal Mafia has absolutely ZERO concern for anyone working in the industry or any of our clients. Don’t believe me? Open a Pain magazine, flip through the first couple of pages and tell me if you don’t see an ad for their 29 cent jewelry (not exaggerating).

    Once again, I’m not pissed that this was featured. Frankly, the design is quite appealing to the eyes. My issue, unfortunately, is with the company featured. Also: can someone who works for MM publically state what the microdermal “dangles” and made of? I already know, but I think it’d be great for the general public to know what quality of metal their placing directly against their fresh piercing.

  11. Cool stuff, but please pass on this note to the retoucher:

    People’s eyes are NOT solid white. It make what was a hot chick look like a cartoon.

    Thanks =)

  12. #18-19, I doubt that anybody would be foolish enough to wear this type of attachment on a fresh microdermal. Plus, the dangly part wouldn’t really be in contact with the piercing itself anyway. So the metal it’s made of isn’t really that much of an issue; you could argue the same way about the quality of any necklace anyone wears when they have a piercing or microdermal in that general area.
    I’m sure that the pieces in the above pictures are made of decent quality metal with small magnets attached to the top and matching magnets threaded into the standard microdermal bases. Seems the common sense way to do it.
    I like the idea, it makes nice costume jewellery.

  13. i agree with chrisB….and everyone else pretty much. even on a well healed microdermal putting tension and weight on it is a terrible idea. even when they are doing well they are still fairly delicate and need to be left the fuck alone.

  14. I’m extremely surprised that no one has brought up the fact that BME shop is selling microdermals and biopsy punches to “poke holes in yourself”. Has is really come down to this BME? What happened to conscientious education and ethical practice? There is no mention of risks associated with the use of a biopsy punch in BME shop page and no warning in the microdermal page for proper use and professional application.

    We as an industry can see that offering biopsy punches to Joe Shmo tattoo shop in jewelry fliers is an obvious mistake but to allow, even encourage, someone to do it themselves with not so much as a warning, so you can make some money?

    The jewelry itself is obviously an absurd choice for such a delicate piercing, but look at THIS. This is a fucking AD not an article…

  15. squierellgurl, are you aware of the microdermals that actually do have danglies? look into it. im glad these are just magnets but the added weight will still cause irritation.

  16. These are just magnetic dangles as far as I know. I don’t see the damage in wearing temporary jewelry for a photoshoot or a special night out. Just like I wear different earrings that would stretch my lobes if I wore them every day, for special occasions, there is tons of jewelry just like this that would have the same effect over the long term.

    And as far as ripping on BMEshop selling microdermals and punches, BME supports DIY activities and has since it’s inception. It is what has built the community. If it was to make a profit then I wouldn’t put stuff on sale and sell most of the products on BMEshop at a slight margin. BMEshop has been selling these things since it’s inception or pretty damn close. BME will always support a persons right to do to their body what they want, in a safe and educated manner. If you’re shopping at BMEshop then you’re a reader of BME and generally a member of the community.

    We will always aid members of our community in being able to control their own bodies.

  17. I’m not sure why it is that you censor BME by actively choosing NOT to post extreme content on Modblog, but then when it comes to people acquiring tools/implements that could be used to execute such procedures that yield said extreme content without so much as a disclaimer or word of caution…it suddenly becomes all about “aiding members of our community in being able to control their own bodies”.

    Biopsy punches are tools that are improperly used even by professional piercers at times. I can’t imagine what could happen to someone who has never even seen one used in person before. Not to mention the fact that YOU DONT NEED A BIOPSY PUNCH TO INSTALL A MICRODERMAL. I feel like too many people are caught up in the novelty of excessive medical tools for simple jobs, and posts like this aren’t helping. [but thats beside the point]
    It just seems a little hypocritical. “Let me openly sell you the tools that will change your body, but I’m not going to show you what can happen/is possible/others have done.”

    I don’t have any real issue with BME. I’ve been a long time member and supporter, and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I’m just pointing out what I feel is a potentially detrimental inconsistency, which readers have obviously noticed others of as well.

  18. I’m not ripping on the DIY mentality or the fact that BME supports it, I’m ripping the obvious advertisement to do so without taking any time whatsoever to express the risks involved. And please, this doesn’t have to be a pissing match about who is right or wrong, but think of the ethical situation.

    If you are going to expressly impose an ethical background for other matters, why doesn’t this one not apply?

    IMO When you say POKE HOLES IN YOURSELF! DO IT FOR CHEAP! LOOK AT THESE! It absolutely does not support the DIY side of BME of “a persons right to do to their body what they want, in a safe and educated manner.” If BME is selling the supplies to the general public, I feel it has a responsibility to at least express the risks involved with using them, and not just use Modblog as a billboard with no thought of responsibility..

    All I’m pointing out is that you are SELLING not educating.. And I’m not expressly opposed to selling, I’m opposed to the lack of warning, in the BMEshop or in this advertisement. And yes, people have their own personal responsibility, but so do you.. as a business and as a community leader..

  19. Did you really just alter the posts?

    Dangerbitch’s comment was completely referring to Rebeccalwitt’s comment…

    And Hattioats was referring and in response to Chrisb who is now number 21 and 22…

    Wow, not cool..

  20. Rachel: I certainly don’t have a problem with the jewelry being worn for a photo shoot. Like I said, I think it’s quite aesthetically pleasing…I just have a very large issue with Sean and Metal Mafia. That company is a malignant tumor on the face of the industry and Sean is an extremely irresponsible artist for endorsing their product. I don’t hold it against you for posting it for it’s artistic content at all. Johnny Needles and him are bringing extremely negative attention to our industry, and I’m completely disgusted any time I see any mention of them, their work, or their projects. The only concern I have with this being posted is that it popularizes their shitty (and non-magnetic) designs to the general public. Then again, maybe it’s just a personal vendetta of mine…no disrespect intended, hun, you know I love ya!

    Hattioats: Check the link I posted. While the low-quality metal (I’m not EVEN gonna go there with “G23 Ti”…Google it and see if you can find any actual reference to it, aside from body jewelry companies…) isn’t actually inside of the body, it sits DIRECTLY on top of an open wound. Something about magnets that PULL on something that is subcutaneously anchored only 2mm-3/32″ under the skin doesn’t sit right for me either. If you have a photo program on your computer: save the second image, enlarge it, check out the top of the micro. The redness is blatantly indicative of downwards pressure on the piercing. This was not costume jewelry unless there is a massive coincidence.

  21. I don’t carry Metal Mafia and I don’t know anything about low end quality jewelry other than I don’t carry it.

    As far as “censoring BME” I don’t post photos glorifying people with 2″ stretched cheek piercings or tattooing their eyeballs because people ARE DOING IT STRICTLY TO GET ON TO MODBLOG. That is why I don’t post stuff like that on Modblog. I have heard time and time again of kids who do stuff just to get on MODBLOG and I don’t want to encourage that type of behavior.

    If you don’t understand that, then I’m not sure how else to explain it to you.

    PS. Dermal punches are used for a lot of other mods than just microdermals so the assumption that the two are solely use together is naive. I also have a lot of SHOPS that are customers and 1.5m punches are hard to find so when having a sale, I’m not only selling to DIY and heavy modders, I’m selling to the shops that are my customers.

    Chris: Sorry, his name was super familiar but I couldn’t remember from where. Now that you say it, is that the guy with the huge mohawk who is always on the cover of newspapers piercing at conventions without a shirt on? If that’s the case, I’m sorry I posted the photo as well because I posted them because they were pretty photos and it was something you don’t see much of.


  22. i’ve made a few ‘necklaces’ for my collarbone mics, and unfortunately i find they’re just too much strain on them. not practical for everyday wear but great for photo shoots etc..

  23. As a body piercer, I understand that you don’t use punches exclusively for microdermals. When you sell them together in a sale like this, though, it makes it seem like they are very closely related [which they are]. My comment about them being used for micro installation was more of an aside than anything. As far as you selling punches to shops as well…it doesn’t change the fact that you are selling the tool with no disclaimer.

    I understand the you don’t want to endorse negative behavior, like kids getting extreme procedures just to get featured on the site. I will say, though, that you are seriously stalling Modblog because you afraid of such an outcome. And I almost hesitate to say it, but it’s not your job to be everyones parent. Especially, if you’re still going to provide the tools to achieve those extreme mods. I feel there is a more effective way to screen the content and post extreme mods without glorifying 2″ cheek piercings or tattooed eyeballs, so that people won’t get the idea that they’ll be posted up for doing something totally crazy/extreme. Obviously this would take more care, and work, which it seems Modblog has been lacking for quite some time.

  24. let me clarify a few things for everyone with these.
    The titanium that I used to design this anchor (over 2 years ago by the way) is Ti 6Al 4v ELI f-136 ASTM. And, if you actually do your homework, you will find that it is the best titanium available. So as far as saying that the Metal Mafia jewelry is sub-par, try not to blanket the dermal anchor that I designed and they manufacture into your comments.
    It is by far, the best anchor on the market. it is designed by a piercer for piercers, unlike the other guys that don’t pierce at all and know nothing about what these things do to the body, and in the body.
    i think it is funny when some piercers, who obviously don’t know what the issue even is when they are talking about this jewelry.
    I have been piercing for over 15 years, annd I will put my portfolio of work and clientle response against ANYONE in the industry. I am not an ass, doing stuff that I shouldn’t be doing or can’t like some of the stuff on this site. I am not being arrogant either. I am however very confident and know what I am doing.
    The anchors that I did on this client are healed at 14 weeks. We are ussing a magnetic flat disc that threads into the dermal base.
    the neccklace weighs less than 1/4 ounce. It is however cheap costume jewelry that I modified with a piece of magentic flat steel so that it would be magnetizzed to the flat head on the anchor.
    it does not pull on the anchor. It does not irritate the anchor and if it is hit with any force it falls off. To me, that is why this is actually a very cool and functional idea.
    you may not all like it, but don’t be haters on my work when if you don’t understand how it works.

    To answer CHrisB….. up there. Never heard of you or seen your work so not sure why you have a Vendetta against me? I endorse 1 product from MM, that I designed. The magnetic tops that I created are only put in the jewlery for temporary use and after it is healed. …I do not endorse every single product that MM uses, so I guess there goes your argument. and…I have nothing to do with johnny needles or that shawn kid with the mohawk. I don’t believe those 2 are doing positive things for the industry at all.

    Thanks for the positive feedback from the rest of you.

  25. to be honest with you if people want thier cheap ass jewlery to rip out their microdermals out than so be it. to each his own!

    and if some one wants to do diy projects than let them. It’s better them use the right tools than doing it with stuff found around the house. I can certainly remeber using safety pins and sewing needles to pierce myself and my friends (with the same fucking one) when I was younger. and not just ears we did a few belly buttons and a hip surface piercing. yeah an extremely bad idea, but we wanted piercings so we used whatever we could find.

  26. and no I don’t think it is a good idea to do diy’s without having the proper knowledge or tools

  27. so i just did six microdermals on my ribs with safety pins, and other than it hurting like hell, they havent rejected.

    some guy was gonna do six for $240. i did six for a buck fifty.

    hooray for resourcefulness

  28. ChrisB
    RE:Johnny Needles and him are bringing extremely negative attention to our industry, and I’m completely disgusted any time I see any mention of them, their work, or their projects. The only concern I have with this being posted is that it popularizes their shitty (and non-magnetic) designs to the general public. Then again, maybe it’s just a personal vendetta of mine…no disrespect intended, hun, you know I love ya!

    Extremly negative attention? Odd because i dont remember seeing you there when i met with NJ state officials re-legalizing surface anchors.. wait.. no one was there.. It was all me. I got ANCHORS TO BE LEGAL AGAIN!. thats very positive to me. you can read about it in issue number #50 of “the point” http://www.safepiercing.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/ThePoint_Issue50_Web.pdf

  29. Johnny Needles will no longer be attending ANY New Jersey State meetings unless they hold them at the institution that he is now serving time in due to his extreme drug use. This guy has a VERY checkered past and should not be trusted in piercing ANYBODY! He is no longer associated with the shop he helped open and is incarcerated. I pray that New Jersey finds a much more reputable piercer to represent the piercing community there.

  30. Exactly what do you think you know about his past? It’s people like you that bring the drama and bullshit into this industry and takes the focus away from where it should be. Jon knew what he was doing and was damn good at it. No one has the perfect life and everyone has a history. And unless you lived it with him you know nothing. You want to pray about something? Pray that when you have to face whatever greater being there is that the fact that you thought you had the right to sit in the judgment chair doesn’t determine your final destination.

    RIP Jonny Needles April 19 1977 – Aprjil 6, 2011

  31. Francis:

    I seriously doubt you know enough about Jonny’s past to post this. You obviously were not a friend or you would never have taken a blog that has a good positive focus and turn into some personal vendetta. This industry (piercing and tattooing) has a reputation of being the least judgmental place to be. Everyone has a past and a future. And no one on this earth gets to sit in the judgment chair. I personally know many, many artists with abuse problems. Some of the best artists I have ever seen. Jonny was very talented. He knew his profession and practiced it with a passion and commitment to be commended. Please keep this blog an informative place with a focus on the industry he loved.

    RIP Jonny Needles 04/19/1977 – 04/06/2011

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